A New Mythic Approaches - The Gray King

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New Mythic Troop: The Gray King

The Gray King will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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This is how your posts have been appearing for the past month or so…

2368 Glory Keys, nope
50 Gem Keys, yup

I don’t remember the last time I got a Mythic with Glory Keys

Trust me, we know @Namour. There seems that something has gone wrong with the integration of Wordpress and Discourse, and we haven’t been able to fix it thus far. We are looking into it though!

50 gem keys, bargain. Probably my cheapest ever pull :+1:


All resources plus 1k gems and nothing…not sure y I still play this game


Images were correct the first 5 minutes then the post was edited (I assume automatically?) and images were broken.

I started using glory keys in June to try to pull new mythics, since I was sitting on a mountain of them… so far this is what it took:

  • June: 11k glory keys
  • July: 7.2k glory keys
  • August: 200 glory keys
  • September: 3.6k glory keys
  • October: 15.2k glory keys

I’ve obviously gotten pretty lucky in August/September, but it’s worked out so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: maybe worth mentioning, I started out with 24k glory keys and I’m down to 3.8k now, so it’s not really sustainable to rely only on glory keys forever!


Could be an interesting troop to use on defence during guild wars, assuming that when it casts it selects the gem colour for the day. Out of interest then, when it casts ‘destroy all gems of a choses colour’, what dictates what colour the AI will select? Highest quantity of a certain colour gems on the board? Mana colour needed to fill other troops on your defence?


The last time I tested Shocktopus way too long ago, the AI prioritized mana it needed over the color it needs to target for offense.

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Pretty similar story here, got the last 4 or 5 mythics with only glory keys (got this mythic with 4k glory keys). My intention was to start eating into my huge stash of actual glory but I can’t seem to run out of glory keys! :rofl:

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Got him from first 200 glory chests I opened today and I love him! He’s also my very first mythic.
Made a team with SoTC Deathknight, The Gray King, Grave Seer and Lamashtu and it’s pretty good.


Well, crap. 10K glory, 600 guild chests, 1000 gem chests and nothing.

I dunno how new players are expected to “catch up” with Mythics. I averaging less than 1 new Mythic a month.


Including what you get from diamonds/Soulforge?

Including Soulforge but not including LTs.

Although, I shouldn’t be counting the first few months I played since those weren’t with an active guild so I had far less keys.

I doubt they are expected to catch up on a “complete” set of them. The days are long gone when a new player could expect to get a complete collection of everything in the game.

It’s odd that nearly all Undeads have death mark immunity and yet the hero still does not have it - Necromancer. Now would be a good time to re- look at this maybe…

That’s maybe because Deathknight is undead class with death mark immunity so they didn’t want to have two classes with a same trait. Either that or it’s an oversight.

Undying is something that can/should be thrown on the Death class tree.

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Indeed. Like we have soulcaller on Death, Necromancer duplicates souls with it’s 3rd trait. On traits and talents, I don’t see an argument of ‘early game players need souls’ etc.