A New Mythic Approaches - High King Irongut


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New Mythic Troop: High King Irongut

High King Irongut will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


1 Gem Key (daily)
600 Glory Keys

got one. heh.


Bonjour vous en avez de la chance ^^


7k seals. I’m happy with that.


I forget. Are you on console or PC/mobile?


PC. I have it on Xbox as well but haven’t played there in over a year.


Please give us at least a month to have fun with it before people start crying for a nerf.

I said “please”… That’s how emphatic I am about this.

Oh and 4k seals/33 guild keys.


I doubt it’ll last a week. This thing is a wee bit OP, more so than Dragon’s Eye :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope people learned their lesson about asking the devs for nerfs.
The DE incident made Delves tremendously more difficult and Ranked PvP tremendously less fun.

Be careful what you wish for folks.


700* + 1,000 Gem Chests.
(* = 14,000 seals)

Not ideal.


Only 1200 glory keys, love it !


7k seals, not too bad :+1:


please buff irongut hes too weak!


300 gem keys, 2 vip keys, 4000 glory keys and at 13k seals i got 1 and for OCD reasons i spent 150 gem keys more and boom 2nd one. Most expensive card in a while. Good luck chaps.


Spell says ‘with a chance to devour them equal to my attack’. So does attack literally convert to percentage (i.e. with 26 attack you have 26% chance to devour)?


Yes (1 0 c h a r a c t e r s)


So I had these 2 VIP keys lying around since I don’t remember which event…
Got it on the second.
So 2 keys.
Best week ever.


10k seals = None.
342 Gem Keys = The first one.
1000 Glory Keys = The second one.


As expected, he’s an excellent Delver.
This is HoG lvl Boss room


Could you please share that team?