A New Mythic Approaches - High King Irongut


I love the art, so handsome.


I agree, he kinda looks like a half and half Goblin and Troll. Adding a giant race as well would be cool. :sunglasses:


Reporting minimal resource expenditure and favorable RNG on this end (Xbox One):

112 gold keys (to warm up the RNG, followed by eleven gem keys ('cause I wanted to bring my gem key total to a round 1,400), and got the High King to drop in 351 glory keys!? :hugs:

It’s so weird how I wasn’t even looking forward to this Friday’s Mythic release as originally scheduled/planned. I kinda have to thank the copyright infringing artist initially tasked with Phoenicia’s ability art… and the devs, of course, for quick action. :wink:


I concur – I would really like to know the team/Class used here, particularly the Hero weapon that brought Irongut’s stats up as high as they are.


Irongut presumably got those stats from devouring. There are only 3 weapons that cost 14 red/purple, and honestly I can’t really see the benefit in using any of them in this team, but looking at them all I assume it is blood drinker


Please STOP offering the $ upgrade, when the troop is fully ascended and traited.


It’s offering you the TS and souls. Having the troop already traited doesn’t end the bogus value they try to offer.


The new mythic is pretty crazy when paired with Justice/Valkyrie or with Earth Fury hero. Justice/Valkyrie setup is apparently best for PvP while EF setup should work fine in delves and other level 500 events including Doom Tower. Optimal results require some transformer or more or less reliable spawner. It seems that Irongut beats Maw by a margin and Doomclaw or Kraken are not worth even an honorary mention.


Hero only got 62 att so either he never used it (while managed to cast 3+ times fatgob) or it’ something else, i would say deathknell.

X those asking about the team last one is jotnar, his barrier help to keep him alive until he eat smthing (seen exactly like maw fatgob is a 1hitko by anything before he devour).


Yes, Hero was Assassin this morning, so the ennemy starts entangled.
Jotnar is there for Barrier.
The Weapon was Death Knell, for the free explosion I guess, I just went with missing colors.
Basically rush green to fill Diviner, and fill the King.
This is a Delves. With Hoard levels, my King starts with 62 attack. So a good chance of Devour. After the first feast, you are above 100%.

Tried the King in Dooms, also nice, here is floor 23:

So you don’t get the Hoard Boost. You need 1cast of Earth Fury and then the King is over 100%.


As good as he is on offense, I question defense brokeness as you can plan for his spell. Nothing will save you from a DE or unlucky megavore proc


2 VIP keys then 600 glory keys :grin:


ive named mine shrek looks more like an ogre to me


2000 Guild Seals to get it! But I did (I love goblins)


2000 guild seals is the equivalent of (at most) 100 gem keys. That’s pretty great luck!


3000 guild seals for me. I was actually a little disappointed because I wanted to open more chests.


Not really - when I haven’t gotten a mythic in several months :slight_smile: I actually spent 10000 seals last month for nothing