Is iron gut the only mythic in the even chests this week?

Looking to add iron gut in the collection and just wanted to make sure he is the only mythic in the chests. Thanks…

He will be the only mythic in event chests this week, but not the other chests (vip,guild,glory,gem)

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Zaejin only has one Mythic, so yes High King Irongut is the only mythic in the event chests this week.

Taran’s world is also pretty nifty to check if you need to see availability on a troop.

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Thanks for the quick reply guys.

PS I feel stupid because taransworld completely slipped my mind. Thanks for the reply and sorry for asking something I could have easily found the answer to if I just used my head.

No need to be sorry. :slight_smile: Best of luck landing Irongut, I hope ya get him. :crossed_fingers:

At least you remember about it now and its better safe than sorry when it comes to this game. (so don’t feel too sorry)

Good luck

Hey, thanks for helping me out with the info. Just wanted to let you know I got High King Iron Gut. I warmed up the RNG first with 1000 gold chests, 650 glory chests, and 110 gem chests before hitting the event keys. Took me 40 event keys to finally get to him. Thank you for wishing me luck because I know that was a big part in me getting him.


40 is absurdly lucky. nice!

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Since this topic is here do you have any good teams with Iron Gut I should try out? Thanks for any help.

Hey Denthegod, congratulations! :confetti_ball: the team we used on the Stream when previewing Iron Gut was:

The Broken Banner
Cauldron (with +7 Affixes optional)
Princess Fizzbang
High King Iron Gut
Nobend Brothers

If you don’t have Cauldron try any other Troop that gives an Ally attack and use it on Iron Gut. Fizzbang is mostly there for helping make mana, so if you need someone else to generate Mana you could try another troop with an Explosion Spell. The last Troop can be swapped for anyone that does general damage. Someone also wrote a great Mythic Troop guide which includes Iron Gut here.


Hey thanks for that team suggestion. I haven’t tried it out yet as I saw your reply late last night but I did get to try out the one in that link you sent me (bear in mind I only used the team for explore):

Cauldron (Titan)
Gimlet Stormbrew

I found Stormbrew to be the weak link as it had to be a very specific situation for it to have the best effect so I swapped him out for the Valkyrie. I found the Valkyrie works a little better once you get the looping to start. The downside to this team is the only damage you’re dishing out is from irongut and skulls and you’re pretty much screwed if most of the other team has armor or stone skin and fortitude or impervious.

I will try out that team you suggested and let you know how it turns out. If you or anyone else have any other suggestions for teams I would love to try them out. Thanks again.

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Here is a team I have used for the Sea of Sorrows delve. It works pretty good for me up to now (level 170)

Hero with Titan Class and Mountain Crusher
High King Irongut
Ethereal Sentry

Use Ethereal Sentry to boost the attack of High King Irongut and you get get over 100 attack.

Use Apothecary to create brown gems when your hero loses his barrier or is out of mana. Mountain Crusher explosions can fill up the troops with mana.

When you get a room with troops immune to devour you can boost your hero attack with Ethereal Sentry. First take out the enemies that can be devoured. As long as you are being careful and keep having barrier on your hero you should be fine. The biggest problem is with rooms that move your team as it is dependant on having hero in first place.

Not saying that this is the best team for the delve, but so far it has been fun to use.

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