I should know this by now but just wanted to make sure

it’s possible to get Worldbreaker in the event chests this week, right? He’ll be the only mythic in the event chests because it’s his kingdom’s week, right?

Sorry, I just wanted to make sure before I take on the rng. Thanks.

Yes, just be mindful that the odds are against you. But may they forever not be. Good luck. :wink:

Thank you for replying so quickly. It is now on like Donkey Kong.


How to find the answer for yourself next time!

  1. https://www.taransworld.com/Chest/
  2. Type “event” in the “Chests” column.
  3. (Optional) sort by rarity.

Good luck!

Just to let you guys know, after 132 event keys I did not get Worldbreaker. On the plus side, as I was warming up the rng with a thousand gold keys and almost 200 glory keys I was able to get the new mythic Tian Yi. He was the last mythic I’d expected to get. Talk about irony in a good way, huh?