Can someone confirm Gard's Avatar in event chest this week?

I’ve learned my lesson from this thread but maybe someone not or has simply luck.

Please tell us how many event keys (to waste)?

Not me. Spent 84 event chests and bought another 100 and no gard…

Used 400 event keys and nothing.

390 event chests and nada, its a hard lesson for me never try to pull a mythic from event chests.

783 event keys used and nothing, another guild member used 480 and nothing. Seems something could be bugged dunno.

hope to get gard too ;__;

Working as intended (by publisher).

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I pressed the 50 key button and got about a dozen each of Sacred Guardian, Bishop, and High Paladin, and also one copy of Celestasia. Absolutely none of the other Whitehelm troops.

I was hoping to get some Mercy but that was too weird and I didn’t want to open anymore after that…

1000 keys --> 0 Gard
Friends and guildmates : about 2k keys --> 0 Gard


I’m paragon this week, so I’ll play for the guild, but this is my last week. I won’t miss this game.

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100 event keys = no Gard :frowning:

@Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra : Can you at least confirm that Gard’s Avatar has been put in the event chests for this week?

That thread again that reminds me to not fall into the event key trap for a mythic i’d like to have. Thank you for your sacrifice!


I’m not sure if someone has more knowledge than me on this… but I feel like event keys are basically glory key equivalents but for only a specific kingdom. So, you have the same odds of pulling a mythic from an event chest as you do pulling one from a glory key, it’s just that at that time of using them you know IF you pull a mythic, it will be that kingdom’s mythic.

So, in light of that, when people are burning 700 event keys and not nabbing a mythic, while it certainly sucks, it’s the same as being mad that you didn’t grab a mythic using 700 glory keys… which is completely and entirely possible (and really not that much to spend trying to chase one).

Again, someone might have hard numbers on probability that counteracts this.

Gem keys you mean instead of Glory keys, right?
'cause Event keys give ultrarare or better, same as Gem keys…

Sirrian just tested event chests and was able to get a Gard’s Avatar.


Ah, then yes. Although I wonder if it gives the same “10x chance for mythic” as gem keys?

Probably an “honest” (LOOOOOL) 1/10000.

Would be possible to know how many 50x he had to do to pull it off? thank you very much.

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More than 300 event’s key and nothing, and I spent reward from all statue’s task and from legendary task. Result? Zero
I’m so angry, in these moments i always think to quit…

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He said in chat that he used 800 event keys to get a Gard.