Will the new exclusive Mythic that arrives tomorrow be in Event Chest?

I hope so, but not sure.

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Definitely wait to see if it pops in global before spending any keys

Same thoughts… Lets see if a dev will reply to this post.

I was wondering the same thing hard to know if it will or not since the whole weavergate issue. Was also wondering if they would announce the winter imp being available in other chests as it is supposed to be at the start of December according to their listed schedule. Would be a lot more clear if they just had the drop table listed in game instead of just generic drop rates.


This was already asked and answered here:

Take it for what it’s worth…


Yeah all BS aside, the fact its the only mythic is reasonably definitive.

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With another Nexus week starting in 10 days, I’m not going to bother using Event Keys to try and get Kalika tomorrow. I’ll use my Gem Keys, my Glory Keys, my spare pile of Glory. I’ll use Guild Seals next week if my Guild makes a 40k push. (We do most months for the new mythic, but it’s possible we won’t this time for a lack of purple orbs.)

If all that fails, I’ll hold Event Keys for the 13th when the next Nexus week starts. It might be overthinking things, but why risk the Event Keys if there’s any doubt?

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Same here, I’m not risking event keys, will use gem and glory keys

Word from the global chat is that Kalika is in Event keys

edit: #notweavergate this time

Anyone get any winter imps from guild gem or glory chests?

Yes, glory chests.

Yes, she is in Event Chests.


We had a guild member pull from event chests too