Spoiler request: List of Mythics available in Event chests

I know when the exclusive Mythic weeks upcoming are.

This week is Pan’s Vale, which means there’s no exclusive mythic available in Event chests. Every chest contains random mythics.

What events are upcoming where Mythics (Gard, Pharos, Wulfgarok, etc.) would be available exclusively in Event Chests?

@Rasper has made a list of upcoming events.



Thanks much. Looks like the next one is April 24, when Pharos will be available in Event chests.

I’m looking forward to that date too. I’m still missing Pharos Race myself.

Now if only we could access the Apocalyptic Kingdom…as I am missing War and Plague. No way to cherry-pick them in sight!

I have a feeling we’re going to get some relief on that soon, now that 3.0 and GW is out.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them tweak the Path rewards so that no duplicates are handed out and then follow it up later this year with a crafting system.

I’m pretty optimistic right now.

No pressure @Saltypatra. :smiley:


How many event keys should it take to get a mythic? Is it reasonable to even try for a mythic with event keys?

When aby was in event chests i used around 500 event keys and havent found her.


See that’s what I’m thinking @DonBoba . I’ve used thousands of event keys. I don’t remember getting a mythic that way. Hell I used 650 just to get Tesla to mythic. I know I spend at least 500 and didn’t get an aby either. I have a bunch anyways, but I used to have a column in my gem pulls speadsheet for mythics. Now I don’t bother.

Some of my guildmates have their heart set on Pharos and I just don’t know if their hopes are wasted.

Ill be hunting it to anyway with any remaining event keys xD
Wont have a chance to use event keys anytime soon anyway.

it doesnt help much but you get the drill… :sweat_smile:

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i remmember i saw some guild mates getting mythics from event keys in the past, not once
i think those were rather random lucky pulls, none of the guild members were mentioning hunting the mythic from event keys on purpose

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This couldn’t get you any Mythic as there’s none in Adana, at least for now. You can get only the event kingdom mythic from event chests.
The chance is (or at least should be) the same as with Gem chests - posts on the forum estimate it to about 0.1%. If that’s true you’ll need 1000 Event keys on average to get one Mythic. But the important phrase here is “on average” - the actual chance of getting a Mythic from 1000 Event keys is only 63.2% - you also have chances to get duplicate(s).

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