(Bad advice, ignore)

Edit: I’m dumb, gave bad advice.


Mythics aren’t in Event chests though, correct?

They are, yes.

This would be change then?

You sure? Was pretty sure it was just glory, gem, and VIP

Thanks for the heads up but I burned through way to many gems on that forest of thorns new dragon which was Event chest only as well. :worried:

Just gonna save gems from now on for new mythics.

Er…whoops. I think you’re right. Hah. Disregard, I’m an idiot.

Your OP wasn’t all bad, you said to save Glory keys and Mythics can drop from Glory chests

But the Legendary can’t drop from Glory chests. So there’s no overlap.

It could still be good, if you ignore event chests this week and wait till it’s released next week in regular chests you could have a chance to get both from gem and VIP chests. Usually the mythics are a Wednesday or Thursday release so the event would carry through till next week when the troops from this week are released…I confused myself :laughing:

I’m taking my like away! I thought it was good advice, now I feel swindled. :sob::sob:


cries herself to sleep on a mattress filled with accumulated other likes


Sold me on another like. Damn I fall too easily.


Is it something only
On pc? Cause i got plenty legendary from glory chest on console

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The legendary that is about to be released this week on PC/Mobile is only available in event keys for the first week. After that first week, it will be available the regular ways: glory keys, gem keys etc.

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She is talking about the next weeks new legendary, that is only available in event chests for the duration of this event.

Sometime After, it will be added into the normal rotation, where it will be obtainable from glory key chest.

Oh sorry my bad…: i think it is the same on console

Not the same on console at least for new kingdom related legendaries. I got IK in a glory chest the day he was released.

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Some good advice: Don’t eat yellow snow. :smile_cat:

Yeah you are right i remember i also got
IK in glory chests on first day