PSA regarding saved up keys and 2.0

I noticed a lot of high ranked player are starting to save up keys and gems for the new kingdom when 2.0 hits. This is a great idea and I am saving up too (as should be anyone who happens to read this) but I however, will not be blowing my wad as soon as 2.0 is released and neither should you and I’ll tell you why.
Sirrian said the the first mythic troop will hit the game shortly after 2.0 comes out but not the at the same time (as I inferred). So for thoses with keys saved up (especially those with 999+ (I’m talking about you @Tacet and @MrSammy)) I think it would be best to wait for the mythic to be released (maybe a week or two later) because the 2.0 video stated that glory keys do have a chance of pulling in a mythic card and the more you have the better your odds of getting one will be…
Good things come to those who wait :wink:


Personally, I’m waiting for the first report/screenie of someone actually winning a Mythic troop before I blow my stash.


Good idea @Lyya. There will be a lot of people trying for one once it’s available. We may overload the RNG. Can’t have that. :wink:


Yes, I thought this too. But since so many people aren’t going to use their keys immediately, I figured I make a video opening over 9,000 keys for when 2.0 goes live. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll then just test gem chests vs VIP chests for mythics when the first mythic goes live.


Now that i’ve finally got Fenrir, the last missing Epic for me, i might save some glory keys.
Gotta save gems and maybe get some event keys for the legendaries i’m still missing.

There aren’t enough replies in this thread that use the word “blow”.

Step 1: Blow my wad of gold keys
Step 2: Get more keys
Step 3: Mythic comes out
Step 4: Blow my wad of other keys on all the other chests

i believe the chance to get a mythic out of glory keys can be calculated with this formula:

(chance for legendary card / 100) * (player level / 1000) * RNG-God-Chance that hates you

so it will be around 0 - 0.000000000000000001 %

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First to post the new mythic wins!

My plan is

Put 250k into guild (my weekly target)
Level new kingdom to 10
Open stash of 1000 gold keys
Use remaining saved gold to open as many gold keys as possible
Open 200 event keys (assuming new kingdom is the event) to try and snag new legendary/epics
Open 1000 glory keys
Painfully disenchant all surplus mythic troops

Then when mythic is released I’ll blow through my remaining glory keys and dump all my gems into gem keys


I’ll wait to blow my wad of keys until the time is right. Probably when the first mythic drops.

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I’ve got several thousand gems banked and waiting for that first Myrhic to arrive.

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Either you have been saving gems for much longer than I have, or my guild is nowhere near as active as yours is. Edit: you too, @Brakkish.

I have been saving for a while, but most of the credit still goes to my awesome, extremely generous guild (which shall remain anonymous).

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Been saving for a few weeks, 1k+ gold keys, 3k+ glory keys, 4k+ gems currently.


I only have 500 gold keys, those seen to be hard to come by for me. 3200 glory keys and 10k gems though. I’ll probably spend enough to max out the new city and save the rest for the mythic.


They should really nerf the guild tasks. I know many people will disagree, and they’re super helpful for newer players, but they get out of control at higher levels.

I think the ideal solution would be to have the costs escalate with each successive completion during a week. That would enable newer players to get some rewards while keeping things a little more sensible for the end-gamers.

Say what? @@ 22k -36k is too much. Please lower them at all costs.

Being in an active guild is paramount for advancement. But it isn’t a gated thing, if you play enough to qualify you’ll get into a good guild. If you don’t, you don’t. It isn’t as if the #1 Guild is keeping the #10 guild from doing tasks. Nothing is stopping guilds from doing more tasks except the drive to be active.

A standard cycle is Gems + Keys + Token = 38 + 36 + 11 = 85,000 gold. If 25 people do that twice each (170k is fairly active in terms of gold earned, some in my guild have 4-5 times that though!), then everybody in the guild gets 500 gems and 600 glory keys per week.

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Look, I know the top guilds work very hard for their rewards, and I know it’s possible for anyone to get in them with a lot of work. However, that sheer amount of rewards breaks the economy. No one should be getting that many Gems or Glory Keys that easily.

The devs clearly didn’t fully think through the implications of the system when it was implemented (by accounting for the upper limits of what was achievable). I think the game would be in a healthier place if the rewards were a little less generous and effectively had a progressive tax on them.