Event Keys Trash Droprate

I just bought around 200 Event Keys, got 2 out of 3 Legendaries and didn’t get the Mythic. All I wanted was the last Legendary because it’s the only good one and the Mythic. I got 7 copies of the other Legendaries which is ass.
Just thinks it’s weird that waste real money and saved up Keys/Gems just for trying to get all troops in a Kingdom and then not getting the two best troops. I most be really unlucky or this game is just broken with the droprate of Mythic troops.
I have opened too many chests for only 1 Mythic ever.

You can see the probability of getting any troop at Taransworld. The odds of getting the Mythic troop in event chests this week are 0.1%. This means you need to open 1000 event chests before you can expect one mythic. Heck, you need to open almost 700 before you have a 50% chance of getting one.

It is hard to get mythics without spending thousands of keys (unless you are spending VIP keys).

Agreed there is a reason they are mythics. Get to a more active guild where you get more LTs and resources if burning a whole in your wallet is the problem.

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It would be nice for real money purchases to feel like they meant something, though, I can imagine - which is a reflection on pricing (vs odds?).

From my perspective I like the current set up. This game is not p2w. You don’t need to invest money to advance you need to play and join other active people. In any tier of the Intrim family I earn more than spending money would give me. I have contributors the game but that was to support its developers.

I have also spent many resources.
a player who is not VIP and level 100, is more likely to find mythical.
For example, I have 6 Lobungarok, I spend a lot to open VIP chests and I receive one repeated.
Currently mythical repeated = 150 souls.
Very disappointing :sob:

Nope. RNG doesn’t care what level you are or how high your vip is. Equal odds for you both. Chances are determined by how much resources you have. Therefore a vip level of 5+ actually has a better chance than those who aren’t.