Event Keys are useless!

Well, it is more of a grunt than a fact. So don’t take the title word for word.

I just spent 1600+ event keys to get 23 copies of the new legendary, but couldn’t avail of the kingdom mythic. I understand the math that any close to 100% is not exactly 100% and so it is not guaranteed to return true. But looking at others pulling multiple copies of the mythic with a fraction of above keys spent despite possessing it already makes me much more sad. Do not mistake me - I am happy for them for getting the extra mythic copies.

But it feels like it is not just about the numbers and percentage chances anymore. Is the drop rate different when you already have the troop? Coz that’s how it certainly feels. And of course, I am not alone in opining this.

When people buy lottery tickets, not everyone wins.

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I made it clear that I understand the practicality, buddy. I was ony expressing the sad feeling. It feels like I bought 99% of all the tickets and did not win the lottery.

Crazy fact: i opened EXACTLY 1 event key this morning and got the new Legendary. Exactly the opposite of what you had today. It feels horrible when something like your situation happens, I’m sorry man!

(Then later i found out that i needed to open one more event key for the campaign lol)

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Well, I am happy for you. The campaign thing cracked me up. :laughing: