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Drop rates for Gold & Mythic reduced from Glory/VIP chests?

Just popped 154 glory keys. Not one Gold card. My last 10 pulls of VIP chest, 1 gold card. Is this by design? I know for a fact I used to get better results since I am only missing like 8 cards in the entire game.

Doesn’t sound too different than I’ve noticed. It could just be RNG, 154 glory isn’t that many when 1% net a legendary. The VIP keys are very hit or miss, I’ve struggled with those as well.

If you are only able to afford VIP chests in bulks of 10, you are better off doing 50 bulks on gem chests.


^^^ Aaaaand Tacet the Terror is the man to ask :+1: If he hasn’t noticed which is a better type of chest pull by now, then no one knows :slight_smile:

What bothers me is that Event Chests on both Mobile and Console are heavily weighted towards the troop card shown in the thumbnail. They are great if you want 5 copies of the weekly featured troop, not so good at all if you’re looking for the kingdom Legendaries.

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Or, heck, 30 copies of the featured UR and not one copy of the Legendary. Phooey.

Haven’t noticed any reduction in legendary troops from glory keys.

From 150 event chests I pulled 40+ thorn knights. Luckily 2 of the dragon and 1 gloomleaf for good measure.

Lol, don’t get me started on event chests. 3500 gems later and no dragon. Plenty of troops from other kingdoms. Absolute rubbish.

The glory key drop rate for Legendary Troops is between 0.5% and 1%, but for easy maths, let’s assume 1%.

The odds of not getting a 1% drop after 154 attempts is 0.99^154 or around 21%.

So not that unlikely at all.


So I guess what everyone is saying is that from the day I started until now, I have been so incredibly lucky I should have been playing the lottery? I am not a save up till you get 10,000 keys kind of guy. I get the mail Pop the keys, then pvp or whatever. 12 at a time. Perhaps I am not right. Seems like I am though. Even a .01 decrease would dramatically effect drop rates. But as I think about it, if drop rates stay the same, then my chance would go down with every non mythical/legendary card added to the hopper. There has been a lot.

Mate i opened 10000+ glory keys and spent probably about 5000+ gems and I still don’t have a single mythic rarity troop. .


I have been extremely lucky with the mythical, 3/4 but there is only 4 to get. I was thinking I should have my legendary ascended by now.

I’m not sure I understand you right, but if you’re saying you get better drops if you save up a lot of keys and open them all at once, that’s wrong. Chest drops are independent and you’ll get the same results if you open 12chests 100 times or 1200 chests at once

I’m sure this just rubs salt in your wounds, but just today I used 12 glory keys and got 2 legendaries. Yesterday I used 50 keys and also got 2 legendaries.

@HKdirewolf - I’m not wounded or upset really, in the grand scheme of things I’m pretty well off. I have many cards ascended and my offense team hasn’t lost in quite awhile. I congratulate you on your pulls, that’s awesome. I was just wondering if the mechanics or algorithms or whatever had been adjusted. I can’t really complain with 101 mythic cards.

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That is correct, the events are independent so 50x1 will yield the same as 1x50 over a large enough sample size. However, the bulk options are about 10% cheaper, so you get more keys for the same number of Gems. Therefore, saving up and buying in bulk (for Gem/Event/VIP) is still a better deal, despite the equivalence in odds per key.


Mate I feel for you. Odds are you should have got at least 2 by now

Great stuff. I havent used many keys in the last few months but every now and then id use 50. Id estimate 300 in that time and no legendaries

Used another 50 just to check. Nothing better than blue troops

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