Bug drop rate New mythic!

Hello, i never use so many keys, glory and gems to try get the new mythic this friday 05/06/20. Impossible to get her ! Is it a bug ? Do you down the drop rate ? I’m sorry, but i spend enough money (vip 10) to have the right to be angry about that. That’s not normal.
Do you want that players quit the game?

How much VIP Keys, Gem Keys, Glory Keys and Guild Seals have you spent?

Not a bug or drop rate change. Lots of people getting it. Mine only cost 800 glory keys this time so i’ll likely pay for that on one of the next ones.

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Ok, you are lucky, but do you thing it’s normal to spend around 1600 blue keys, 4000 Glory keys + 12000 Glory points, 6000 Guild seals and 50 VIP keys ans got nothing?

Hi koromac, i just respond at your question. :blush:

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It’s swings and roundabouts. I get this one very cheap bit the last one broke the bank. Don’t expect that you WILL always get the mythic unless your stash is very significant. I’ve regularly used all keys plus 100k glory and still missed out.

I spent 96,000 guild seals to get it, which is the equivalent of 4600 gem keys. So I spent about three times what you did. It sucks, but it happens.

What the others said - it’s all RNG based. I’ve used thousands of gem keys and tens of thousands of glory keys and even 100k+ glory & still not gotten a mythic. Every once in a blue moon the RNG gods throw me a bone like an 800 glory key mythic drop. :man_shrugging:

It’s random, people have spent more than you for nothing, and VIP 10 makes you as special as the other hundreds of people who paid more for one game than a TV and a PS4 and an XBox One and a sound system and a dozen pizzas and kegs for a party that lasts an entire weekend. Don’t spend a thousand dollars on a slot machine if you’ll be upset all you have to show for it is a sore arm.

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To Slypenslyde : lol
In any case, bye bye the game, delete all, keep my money now for best things :smile:

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VIP 10 is a lot of money indeed.