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The drop rate for mystics in this game

Just want to rant, because it’s very annoying that as a player of this game, the drop rate for mystics is insanely high. I spend 2 weekend saving grinding and do all I can for this weeks new mystic, what happens I get no mystic let alone the new one. So if want to keep this player, you need to fix this loot box drop rate of yours for mystics. Thank you

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what is the problem as it’s a bit unclear from the post…

  1. no mythic has dropped?
  2. you got few copies of new mythic troop?

Ad.1. bad luck
Ad.2. when new mythic is released, no other mythic drop from VIP/Gem/Glory/Guild chests for next 7 days.

I dropped 78,000 glory and nothing. It’s frustrating but it’s just part of the game. I haven’t gotten a new Mythic in a long time.

Odds of pulling the mythic with 3900 glory keys are 32.3%.

I agree that pulling Mythics can be extremely depressing. Some months ago I had to use over 5000 gem keys and an awfully lot of glory keys to get the Mythic. In fact I never saw anyone spent more getting a Mythic. However looking back on it this was my fault as I should have stopped at about 2000 gem keys and waiting for it entering the forge. So my advice to you and any other having RNG smiling and trolling at them is to make your own personal cap for how much you wanna use, if you not get it you wait for the forge.


It’s tougher at lower levels of progression. As you approach endgame your key count increases significantly. Frustration is part and parcel of the mid game experience. You just have to take it on the chin knowing that better days will come

As you shouldn’t based on how little you saved in terms of resources.

If it was that easy to get mythic troops then the game would be ridiculously unbalanced.
Hopefully seeing the actual drop rates adjusts your expectations.
Btw…Loot boxes are the necessary evil of “free to play” games.

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I have never looked at the drop rates but seeing that table you posted for the first time is extremely sobering.


Yeah, and the true rates are even worse than the display because they don’t display the next decimal or round as you’d expect :joy:


I get mystics all the time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I agree mythics are too hard to get.

They keep adding in more of them and no way of actually attaining them any faster. There are mythics that are virtually dead (apocalypse troops) yet they are still in the drop table with all the other mythics. In fact most mythics are completely useless or used so rarely it doesn’t make sense for how hard it was to attain.

There are still only 4 mythics per weekly rotation despite having over 50 now. So it takes over 3 months to go through an entire cycle. If you miss crafting the mythic you wanted at the beginning of the cycle it’s actually possible it won’t appear toward the end of the next so 5+ months could go by before you get another chance at it. Keep in mind you’re waiting all this time to craft the mythic that you’ve probably spend approximately +6 weeks of playing to earn the diamonds.

Drop rates from chests are so incredibly low/RNG that you could literally spend an entire 2+ months of playing and saving resources and not get a single mythic. Pray you don’t actually get one of the trash tier mythic from your 100s of hours of playing and saving resources.

The design is objectively bad and needs re-worked.