Mythic Drop Chance

Anybody knows the chance for a mythic to drop?
it’s quite some time i’m in game, got all the troops but the mythics, and when i see pvp teams made all of mythics i go totally crazy…i know it’s RNG but there’s a limit to it, i’ve put uncountable keys in but no gard, no apocalypse, no abyssinia and so on…or people cheat or there’s something wrong with my drops,
even only statistically speak i should have already picked up some…

It should be 0.1% for gems keys. Which translates to 0.01% for glory keys. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what it should be.

i think its something definatelly below 1% for glory kleys… cannot really give u a number.

all i know is that gem chest its 10x more then glory, and vip is 100x more then glory

I didn’t do any exact statistic calculations, but from my past experience (getting exactly one of each mythic using glory/gem chests), and from what I’ve seen and heard about others, the chance is approximately 1 in 10K glory keys, or 1000 gem keys, or 100 VIP keys. that’s 0.01%, 0.1% and 1% respectively.

That should also mean guild chest 6 is 0.05%, guild chest 5 is 0.005% chance, and guild chest 4 is basically a tease that it includes a mythic. xD

Their rates would be about half since 50% of the drops are guardians.


More or less what i was expecting…so i should have them all by now (always statistically speaking) @Nimhain @Sirrian is it possible some kind of bug in the drops or i’m simply the unluckiest?

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Haven’t seen a Mythic for close to 2000 gem keys now, if the chance really is 0.1% that makes me somewhat unlucky.

i know the feel…still wonder how people get to have multiple mythics teams

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I’ve used 250 VIP, 1200 Gem keys and something like 5000 to 10000 glory keys since my last mythic.
If the averages above are correct, then I should have had roughly 4 drops. I guess RNG just isn’t on my side :cry:

Well, I imagine this is a bit like Pokemon. There are actually quite a lot of Mythics in my chests, I’m just not fast enough to catch them, they proceed to migrate to some other player. So, to all those owning multiple Mythics teams, good reflexes, and thanks for those replacement Ultra-Rares, some greedy soul would just have left my chest empty. :wink:

You’re unlucky. I got famine x 2, war from gem chests during a period when there was no exclusivity. I got Gard’s Avatar during the exclusive period also from a gem chest, and Abynissia I think during the exclusive period. I was extremely lucky to get Death from a glory chest (I am the 0.01℅).

But look at Don, he must have opened loads more keys than you and until recently didn’t have any mythics other than Draakulis. Also, I didn’t get Mab until I was over level 1000.

Statistically speaking the percentages only make sense over the player base. There are always going to be outliers on either side that are lucky and unlucky. The good news is that none of the mythics are required to make a good team, and they all have counters that make them weaker than the current meta teams.


yes I can say I have 3 mythic, all different, and I can say that I haven´t open 1500 gems chests, I’m sure of that.

Maybe I’m the luckiest. But I don´t think so.

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We had a member that got 3 differently mythics in a 50 gem keys go. That is the most luck I have ever seen in any game. :smiley:


The only reasonable sample size I ran through got about 3 in 10,000 Glory Keys. And I think I’ve only had worse luck after that. Gem/VIP/Guild Keys are all way higher chances though.

@alebenja Just checked the drop rates for you ,and they’re working correctly at the same values they’ve been since the first mythic was released


Do event chests also contain mythic if there is any in particular kingdom event?

That’s correct, yes.

Yes, for example: The last Ghulvania event had a chance of dropping Draakulis.

But Event chests (if that kingdom HAS a mythic troop) are the same drop rate as Gem chests.

So if you’re considering waiting to pick up Wulfy during the next (eventual) Maugrim Woods event, it’d be cheaper – gem-wise – to pick him up now.


So, the best way to get mythic from kingdom is to wait for event. Of course except Apocalypse one…

Actually, the best way is Gem/VIP chests during their brief exclusivity period, but once that’s over then yeah, wait for the event. (And hoping and praying you get them in the mean time.)

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