New Mythic bug? In last 2-3 hours none of my guild can get it

I think there is a bug now. We spent over 200000 glory (plus glory 10k chests), 1400 gem chestss, 150000 seals, 50 VIP keys and… NONE of 4 members could get it.
I saw on FB community site that people put a lot of resources and nothing.
Xbox One.

Even with 0,01% - 0,11% ratio drop we should get 1-2.
I got all last 10 mythics without any problem.

Sorry not a bug it’s true RNG I saw many of my guild members getting it but it took me much more than normal to finally get.

6000 glory keys
2200 gem keys
1000 guild seals

Can confirm @Ghaleon—my mother got the mythic this morning on Xbox One.

So far, I have not XD

Early morning I always got my mythic. first 30-60 minutes. But today I opened chests later… My team too. And… no luck or something is wrong.

So what you’re saying is that your sample size is… four people?

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Which level are your guild chests at?

Are you adding in what all 4 of you combined spent or was that a single person? If that’s a single person then it’s bad luck but if it’s all 4 of you then that is not much to spend.

Used 228 guild keys and 1000 gem keys. This is what I got:


I always said that RNG should be scalable.

I went through about 7,000 Guild Seals without luck, then 60,000 Glory before I got it!

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Hey! Where are you getting so many resources?)) It’s fantastic from my current perspective. I am 230 lvl…

I’m an End-Game player, current Level 1214

Ok, you can do things like optimising your Home Kingdom for Gold, Glory or Souls and improving Tribute levels etc, but really the only way to get the resources is keep playing the game a lot…

… and be in an active guild

i got my with 2250 gems.