No new mythic?

I’ve burned through so many keys. I usually get 1-2 new mythic after 700 gem keys and 1000 glory keys. so far none… quite weird. Has any of you got it?

Check replies in this topic:

If what you’re saying is really the case, you’ve been unusually lucky so far and that is quite weird instead of you having relative difficulty with pulling the mythic today (what is absolutely normal).


To throw in some rough number, take this scoring sheet:

  • VIP key: 100 points
  • Guild key (at max level, no guardians): 10 points
  • Gem key: 10 points
  • Glory key: 1 point

On average you need 10000 points for one mythic. Your score is 8000 points for 1 - 2 mythics, which is about twice as much as is normal. You might want to lower your expectations, karma will eventually catch up with you.


I realize these are rough numbers, but it is really interesting to look at it this way. I had looked at them individually (e.g. 10k glory keys for 1 mythic) but hadn’t considered adding them up.

Apparently I have yours. :smile:

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I got one with 400 Glory keys… :grimacing:

The last 2 months I’ve gotten 2 copies of each with a total of 8000 seals and 400 glory keys.

On the other hand my wife has spent 3000 gem keys, 4500 glory keys, 175,000 glory and 100 vip keys and gotten neither.

I think keys are the only true rng in the game.

I got one with 4k guild seals. Several other people in my guild got one with very low resource expenditure.

For every lucky person, there will be an unlucky one. Perfectly demonstrated in your house it seems!

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Last Mythic I got with the second lot of Gem Keys.

This one, almost 300 Gem Keys, then I had to slog through about 120,000 Glory before I got it!

What the RNG giveth, the RNG taketh away…

overkill XD

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I honestly think they have nerfed the ever loving **** out of Mythic drops, the last 2 I missed after spending over 600 gem keys…lost count of the raw gems i have spent as well, 700 to 1000 glory keys and at least 120,00 to 150,000 glory…this is the biggest resource sink i have ever seen.