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A New Mythic Approaches - Pan

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-pan/

New Mythic Troop: Pan Pan will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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4,539 glory keys
100 guild keys
1,400 gem keys

for one copy.

…150 guild keys

for a second copy.



600 gem keys - no Pan
1000 glory keys - 1 Pan
300 guild chests - 3 Pans



Cheap one: 4k guild seals = 200 guild chests… emm… 2 weeks worth of guild seals?

it is Black Friday again, or what ?


5000 glory keys and 1000 gem keys for a copy.


Got with 400 gem keys - best one for a while


30 gem keys.


First one was 351 glory keys, 2nd 551, 3rd 1351 glory keys!

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2k glory keys. Which is dirt cheap for me.

why are you guys getting more than 1 copy? is it really that good?

i got mine after 8k seals and 200 glory keys, really cheap this month

Cuz they have too much resources that allows them to. I personally big struggles to see the point unless its a superb Mythic for duplicates on a team. Each to their own…

Others go for 4 to get a full team or braggimg rights. Lets not forget that some people in this boards dont have anything else beside GoW in their lives.

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It was rather relieving to see those cyan letters finally displayed onscreen… and kinda strange, with only three letters/characters comprising its name and such.

The stellar artwork made me feel like it was going to be a Divine/Wildfolk troop. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I have to stop getting up so early on new Mythic Fridays… feel almost compelled to acquire the new troop that day, when there really is no rush. End up spending way more than I rationally should have… Gacha! :wink:


I’m at the point of the game where I’m trying to collect 2+ of every mythic, besides Zuul’Goth and Enraged Kurandara. For funsies. Not stressing the second copy compared to the first copy though.

Despite that point, having 2 Pans is surprisingly not terrible. Their raw damage is so high that being able to fire them off back to back is good. (helps that 3rd trait will stack to buff both of them up)

Don’t force yourself to get a second one though. Slotting Emperinazara in the back is also a good substitute for a second Pan.

There’s a troop coming in the future that I’m eyeing that may pair nicely with Pan as well…

For me it was just luck really. I had a bad pull last time, which drained all keys, this time, I got one more or less off the bat. I normally drain glory keys anyway, so even if I pull one, I will carry on - the hope being the only troop not mythic, Shade of Kurandara pops up. I’ve yet to get one via chest pulls, what’s that 2 mythics since it was available? I am avoiding spending gems on the remaining copies, but seems like it could be blocking a better offer, probably will succumb in the end…

So, dropped another 200 and got a second, and half way in, a third.

Pan has some potential, 2 copies, can work, just getting going vs all the dual empowered stuff. I agree with @TheIdleOne that it is often wise to try and get 2, without obliterating resources. Sometimes 2 copies can work ok, Gray King for faction runs 20-150 etc springs to mind, Weaver the same etc. Megavore with Arcturion etc.

There is that, but not for me. :slight_smile:

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I would think it’s too hard to generate enough mana for 2. Not sure it’s worth it.

Very true vs all the meta stuff… Stuff like explore though, not so bad. I found Arcturion fills one nicely, not tried the second yet. It does seem to make Wildfolk teams viable potentially.

The problem is, yes it can do 100 plus damage almost straight away, yep it can 1 shot if it hits same target, but it seems like you hold onto it. I might see if can get it somewhere with Mistralus, possibly a strong damage combo. I’m thinking Megavore is a good foil for it, one cast of that all armour gone, making Pan’s damage effectively true damage.

Normally, yes.

Not really so with Mountain Crusher + Leprechaun + brown troops…

First 200 glory keys this time :grin:

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Yeah I suppose for explore it could find some use. But isn’t it better to just have one, fill it, cast it, then try to fill it again?

Then you can have another slot to have another troop to support. Don’t think the mythic trait scales well enough.

Just my opinion haha.

Well if you have 2 of them in the team, then after crusher and lep, you’re all full up!