Drop Rate Calculations


I know this is a common complaint, more than likely, but for the past four months I have wasted 3/4ths of my resources trying to get the new mythic when it comes out to no avail each time. Such as today I wasted over 30,000 glory and all my glory keys, all gem keys, 3,000 seals for guild keys, and 5 VIP keys (purchased with gems). This is pretty much a common event now for me. What is truly odd though is that each time I do this I have not had one mythic drop at all.

I am happy that you included the forge finally due to this is how I have been getting mythic troops now,

The reason why I am wondering about this is how are high level players such as Salty and Tacet the Terror pulling one to two of the new mythic troops on the first day with hardly even wasting resources? Are testers doing something that should be looked at or are their codes different in the game to have better drop rates?

The second concern/ question I have is about the Gnome event. For the past three of events I have only had about one to two gnomes each time throughout the whole event. How is the gnome rate calculated for one showing up?

I put this in your other thread:

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Why did you create two identical threads? Also, Mythics are hard to get. Your conjecture that RNG is purposely slanted toward devs sand streamers is beyond ridiculous.

I am going to closer this thread as I have replied to the other. :slight_smile:

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