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Mythic troop drop rate?

Whenever a new mythic comes out and it becomes the only mythic in the drop table for a week, is there a higher chance of getting a mythic during that week? Obviously there is a much much higher chance of getting that specific mythic, but is that mythic drop rate the exact same as any other week except it can only drop the one troop, or is there a higher chance of actually obtaining a mythic?

I hope that made sense

As much as is known the overall drop rate for mythics doesn’t change.

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The overall drop rate won’t change. In a sense the mythic becomes easier to get as it can be targeted, rather than coming from a wider pool.


You can confirm this by poking around at http://taransworld.com.

We tend to see more people get mythics on that week because people hoard keys until mythic week. Put it’s not about “more people trying”, it’s about “more keys being spent”. Since the game chat highlights the successes, you can see a long, frequent stream of congrats to mythic-finders, and it can make you think the rate is higher.

Ah, that was my doubt, good to know. Since I have very few mythics unless I really wanted a new mythic I usuaully don’t save my keys seeing as any mythic pull would help me, but if all along the chance had been higher it would have been a bit annoying. Thanks for clearing that up :+1:

Yeah I know it’s common to save up keys so it wasn’t necessarily that, it just randomly occured to me, what if that was the case? Cause I only have 3 mythics so I tend to not save keys generally other than event keys, but if that had been the case it could have proven quite bad :joy:

Also, I do use that website sometimes it’s great!

Yeah whether or not to hoard keys can be tricky.

The new mythic isn’t always good. So if you spend keys today instead of hoarding, you are gambling “the mythics I could get today are better than what will come tomorrow.” This is a pretty good gamble if you’re missing mythics like Infernus, Ubastet, and Pharos-Ra: it is unlikely the next new mythic will be as good as them, so your chances of getting a “better” mythic from keys today is higher than it will be when the next mythic comes.

For newer players, this is almost always true. The tiny chance of getting an Infernus is a better use of gem keys than the chance of getting some random other mythic that isn’t good in every situation. But: sometimes the new mythic is really good, or you already have all of the better ones.

To hoard, or not to hoard.
That is the question.
Whether tis nobler…whoops, I spent my keys.
I can’t ever wait.