Calculations of Drop rate


I know this is a common complaint, more than likely, but for the past four months I have wasted 3/4ths of my resources trying to get the new mythic when it comes out to no avail each time. Such as today I wasted over 30,000 glory and all my glory keys, all gem keys, 3,000 seals for guild keys, and 5 VIP keys (purchased with gems). This is pretty much a common event now for me. What is truly odd though is that each time I do this I have not had one mythic drop at all.

I am happy that you included the forge finally due to this is how I have been getting mythic troops now,

The reason why I am wondering about this is how are high level players such as Salty and Tacet the Terror pulling one to two of the new mythic troops on the first day with hardly even wasting resources? Are testers doing something that should be looked at or are their codes different in the game to have better drop rates?

The second concern/ question I have is about the Gnome event. For the past three of events I have only had about one to two gnomes each time throughout the whole event. How is the gnome rate calculated for one showing up?

With the RNG you’ve encountered, I can totally see how you’d think/feel that way.

If you read the posts in the Mythic threads as soon as they drop, you’ll see a wide range of results. Some have had improbable luck when pulling whichever new Mythic is exclusive for the week. Others, such as yourself, have reported some abysmal RNG.

I’m sure that hearing/reading about some of the nominal resource expenditures in acquiring whichever Mythic only goes to embolden the many out there…

“That can be me, too.”

Uh, yeah, maybe.

But, what’s more likely is the scenario of excessive resource depletion with nothing to show for it. All that remains is that “empty” feeling. I know it well.

That being said, I had that “me, too” moment this week, but not with the newly released Megavore. I still have my 775 gem keys saved atm if I ultimately decide to give that a go.

No, I’m talking about the Infernus that I was able to just pull from 150 Event Chests. :wink:

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For the record,

Award yourself 1 point for every glory key you use
Award yourself 10 points for every gem key you use
Award yourself 100 points for every VIP key you use
Award yourself 1 point for every guild key at level 5, or 10 points for a guild key at level 6

To have a 50% chance of getting a Mythic, you need 6930 points. These are not meant to be easy troops to acquire.


I highly doubt the game runs in favor of play testers and streamers. Its all luck trust me. I ended up using about 2k worth of glory keys + 340gem kets + 6k seals, and got 1. On the other hand, my gf and guild mate got it within the first 2k seals. 20 minutes after recieving mines, i went to check the chats and this level 149 got 2 megas with 23 gem keys he said.

There’s no difference in luck between accounts for either fighting the AI, or opening chests.

I pull troops in global because it is likely I am testing something, and using a truly ridiculous amount of resources to do so. :slight_smile:


Again the reason why I’m asking is yes I know that Mythic troops are supposed to be special and hard to get, yet the four months of wasting resources constantly to pull most of the time epic level troops and below in in chests, even with the drop rate for Mythic troops testers and streamers should not have the luck they do pulling one on the first day let alone two of them. And with the new Mythic made specifically for the Delves ( destroy all enemy armor plus a chance to destroy the last enemy, it can not be said it wasn’t just by the mana color for it alone) it does hinder the players.

Yes I’m resigned that I’ll have to wait almost two months until it shows up in the Forge to be able to get it which I have accepted and is how I have gotten the Mythic troops I have recently. It is still just the waste of resources that truly is upsetting the most and not the not pulling the new Mythic troops. Because like I said four months of trying to pull the new mythic each month and just seeing those resources go to waste each month even during that time I should have pulled at least one after over 120 days of play and all the resources spent.

Yet there is also the occurrence, or should I say lack there of, of gnomes during the gnome events as well that really made me start to wonder about the drop rates of certain items or troops. How is it that throughout three days of play each month that only one to two gnomes show up only over three days even though supposedly the rate for gnomes is higher than at any other time?

You’re insinuating that chest openings for these “testers and streamers” are somehow “different” than for the rest of us.

Why is it that they cannot just have lucky drops/pulls, as improbable as it may seem?

My situation, for example.

I’m neither a beta tester, nor do I stream the game, but I’ve had my share of lucky drops/pulls. I’m a low-level who has never joined a guild, and I’m entirely F2P. I even only play one game mode (Treasure Hunt) for all my resource accumulation. You’d think that a player such as myself “should not have the luck” that I have had, or at the very least, be hindered by my restrictive play.

My overall luck has this level 37 hero with five Mythics (three fully traited, btw), including the Infernus most recently pulled (from Event Chests). All were lucky drops/pulls, as I haven’t even unlocked Soulforge.

But, like many others, I’ve also had instances of some curse-inducing RNG. The week of Champion of Anu comes to mind… thousands upon thousands of gems and keys gone, leaving only that feeling of being unfulfilled. (At least I received some resources and extra copies of troops for progress towards ascension.)

It’s really the roll of the die and accruing enough rolls… and getting lucky, sometimes.

Hi DragonSeoul,
I’m not saying that player do not get lucky, even I got lucky about 5 or 6 months ago. I’m wondering about the drop rates concerning testers and streamers pulling a copy of the new mythic troops on the day of release every month all the time, sometimes even two copies of them such as how Tacet did this week. One copy I can understand, yet to pull two on the same day with minutes of each other shows that the drop table is possibly skewed toward the testers and streamers. You can even go check out the video of it and of all the new mythic and all the other troop drops he gets every week on his YouTube page.

Hi Grundulum,

If this is the calculations for Mythic drops I should have had a mythic about a month ago then just by the Glory rate alone you put down (add in the gem key, VIP, and guild key rates I should have pulled two mythic troops). But like I said before it’s not the fact that I didn’t pull the newest one (yes It would have been nice considering that it was made for use in the Delve) it’s the waste of resources that truly is a let down and not having really anything to show for it.

Yet there is also the question of gnomes that is being skipped as well or just ignored:roll_eyes:

I’m not a streamer, and I get the new mythic every time on the first day because I hoard a ton of resources just for that exclusive mythic week. Sometimes, I get extra lucky and get it with 100 guild keys. Other times, I’ve had horrible luck and spent a crazy amount of gems to get the mythic. That’s just the nature of gacha games.

This holds for many end-gamers I know. Many of my GoW friends have complete collections (except Zuul’Goth).

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I’m not a Dev or Beta tester and I got my Megavore in 52 Gem Chests.
I really think it is all dependent upon the RNG.
There have been some times where I’ve thrown even more resources than you at a new Mythic and gotten nothing for my investment.
That’s just the way that the cookie crumbles.

I feel you on the Gnome Event though, it feels like the encounter rate has dropped quite a bit. Even by spamming Explore.