New Mythic Drop Rate

Drop rate for this mythic must have been increased. Got 1st with only 200 gem keys, pulled a 2nd from 200 glory keys, and a 3rd from 4K seals.

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Because you got lucky it has gotten increased?


I spent almost 1k gem keys 2800 glory keys and over 8k guild seals then spent another 400k glory… sure doesn’t feel buffed to me. I still have yet to pull the mythic. And yes I closed and re opened the game after reset and had the new mythic popup. Some people got lucky but some of us have terrible luck as well that is how RNG works. If you flip a coin 10 times in a row and only get heads each time that is not proof it is a 2 headed coin lol


Nah, I think you were super lucky. But I can understand why you posted this .
One member in my guild used all his Keys and sigils AND 180000 glory before Kalika dropped. And yes he reloaded the game and checked that Kalika was in his unowned collection before he he began opening chests.


Was that necessarily? I am sure this post was made out of concern.

Drop rate for New kingdom Should be fair for all players not 0.01 for glory keys it’s ridiculous low

It is simply what it is. Explanation that that is how probability works. A small sample size is not a reflection of anything meaningful a coin can be flipped 10 times in a row and get heads that is a probability but the likely result would be 50% of each heads or tails. Only when something is repeated enough times to get a large sample size does that indicate anything and then you should see things fall within the standard deviation of the probability. If the coin is flipped 1000 times then it should reflect the 50% chance much more reliably because for every 10 flips where it is heads in a row you are equally likely to get tails 10 times in a row. One players drops don’t mean anything on their own but when you take into account many players and their results then you have something to base it off of. I didn’t create statistical probability but I did study it and was making a simple example of it.


Mythic chances have not been increased nor decreased.
I got it with 600 event keys.
Meanwhile a guild members results…


For me she was one of the cheaper ones. Maybe 150 gem and 1200 glory keys.

It’s really random.

Couldn’t get Pan or scourge of honor even though spent all my resources.

Doesn’t mean anything at all in neither direction. :wink:

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Yeah, took 180K glory for me; last two both took ~10K glory; just the luck of the draw.

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That is not true, I got the first one after 1k gems keys + 30 k guild seals.


I got it with 9000 Guild Seals, then 400 Glory Keys.

Just lucky, most likely.

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This is my personal drop rate for mythics going as far back as I started recording. As you can see, sometimes I get mythics really quickly (Flame of Anu, Archproxy Yvendra) and sometimes it drains my keys (Mambasira, Mithrilion). Also, on average, if you’re using guild keys, than 1 out of 909 chests should, on average, contain a mythic. For gem keys it’s 1k chests and for glory keys it’s 10k chests. So, for instance, Flame of Anu I saved myself 882 guild keys. But for Mambasira I spent 1201 more guild keys than I should have and only saved myself 245 gem keys.

Mythic Name Guild Keys Gem Keys Glory Keys Date
Mistralus 310 449 609 3-Apr
Zilopochtli 793 1-May
Sycorax 66 5-Jun
Lord of Slaughter 664 3-Jul
Amarok 518 7-Aug
Mambasira 2110 755 4-Sep
Ishtara 867 77 5 2-Oct
Flame of Anu 27 6-Nov
Pan 1620 4-Dec
The Scourge of Honor 420 1-Jan
Ironhawk 100 5-Feb
The Archdeva 691 5-Mar
Huanglong 692 2-Apr
The Archduke 1560 7-May
Vernalis 370 4-Jun
Mithrilion 1395 1200 2-Jul
Astral Mother 150 6-Aug
Ullor 180 3-Sep
Archproxy Yvendra 60 1-Oct
Flaming Oni 640 5-Nov
Kalika 260 3-Dec

I got two copies of the new mythic in my second batch of 50 gem keys. (Plus 4 legendary troops, not that I needed those.)

Which puts me on the opposite extreme of where my luck normally lands. And probably means I’ll need a quintillion keys plus a googolplex of Glory to get the next mythic.

And how do you get that many player drop rate to base results on, if no one makes a post about drop rates then you’ll never get enough sample size. Did you also figure the sheer number of troops available in each resource into your probability statistics too? Maybe you don’t want all that studying to go to waste and this is the only place where that information can be used.

I get that it was probably more lucky than anything else, I’ve also been on the opposite side of the spectrum and used ALL of my resources and still not get a new mythic. But luck doesn’t factor into statistical probability, just physical numbers. I think if anything is going to play into “luck” it’s whether the devs felt you put in enough time since last new mythic to warrant you getting it cheap or not.

I don’t have a problem with the collecting of statistics just the jumping to conclusions based on a small sample size which was this post. These forums are not the only place they can be used or are used either. As for the number of troops available we are only talking about the one possible mythic from the drop table of troops that exists that number is included in the chance drop rate included with every key already. The devs do not care about how many keys you open at a time or how many keys you have ever opened at current or in the past every chest opened has the same drop rate as every other based on the drop rate calculations they use for that type of chest period. I get nobody wants to be called out for making assumptions but no need to keep making more. I am only basing my statements off known information not speculations.


Maybe it’s that you read my original post and took it as a definitive fact that the drop rate was increased, instead of me expressing my joy of FINALLY getting extremely lucky. That’s the problem with reading something, everyone applies their own tone to it and reads it as they want. Just as one person could read your original post in a tone and think it was being nice and helpful, while another could read it in a tone and think you were just being a dick. Another person commented in a way that suggests they didn’t think it was the prior of the two. Of course we would need a larger sample size to know for sure.

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ok I took this statement as other than it was intended then it just looked definitive to me :man_shrugging:
Not trying to be rude but if you truly care about collecting information then correct information should be important to that goal and that is what I was trying to do.


No it wasn’t intended to be definitive, just facetious at my excitement. The only definitive in GoW is bugs lol. It’s all good, it’s just a game I play for fun and get away from reality for a bit. Not into all the data collection stuff, but mine is above for those that are, and some data from guild mates that have posted theirs: (Guild seals at 40K if needed) one was 20K seals, 2nd at 1K seals, and 3rd at 3K seals.


Well, to indicate emotions, we have these things you know. :wink: Yep, these things. :grin:

It’s really hard to tell if people are being serious or whatnot if you can’t see faces, gestures, body language hear tones… It’s far easier if you add some emojis.

Now that I got it: Woo-hoo! Congrats! :tada::tada::tada: