Massive reduction in chests?

Ok that wasn’t the best wording?
I and several others have noticed a massive reduction of gems, gold, and souls in chests starting with the new kingdom. I mean over a 1000 keys spent and the vast majority of pulls yielded none of these.
Did the devs decide to cut back because of the event rewards? I buy as much as I can in the game but really depend on key pulls for gems. TH isn’t giving as many either. Runic gems is up but not arcanes. So not much good on the traitstone front.
Anyone else or just my horrific rng?

It’s just the fact that the card pool is getting very large.

Possible solution is to have a time chest that changes every hour to a new kingdom and costs like double normal glory chests.

I’ve just never had 50 chest pull after 50 chest pull giving No gems, gold, glory, or souls. I had 4 pulls get 1 or 2 gems out of over a 1k keys.
Today was the same!

Just RNG on your end. My first few chest opens after Silverglade went live were bonkers good.

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In 4000 gold keys and 2500 glory keys I got around 2000 glory and 156000 gold. I don’t know exactly how many gems and souls I got but I did get quite a few.

I didn’t record incidentals from my last set of Glory Chests, but here are my incidentals from 7000 gold chests:

That is about 4020 glory, 105 gems, about 104k gold, 7k souls. Glory is right on point, and souls, gold, and gems are all within ballpark of my last recorded recorded drop ratios.

If you are talking about new troops, yeah, drop rates on those get worse every week, and will continue to get worse until their drop system is changed. You should easily get everything Ultra-Rare and above within 100 event keys next week (with the Ultra-Rares likely being able to be ascended to Mythic by that point), but getting the legendary now has a less than 1 in 6000 chance from glory keys. You’ll need 20k or so gold keys to mythic the new common, which can’t be supplemented by the event, but at least commons come in steadily. Starting from zero, you’ll also likely need over 34k gold keys to mythic the rare, but luckily these can also be supplemented by Glory Keys.


Dang I knew rng hated me!
Seriously I got Zero gold, gems, keys and souls from all but 4 of the 50 draw chests! I mean zero!
That does it, I’m a tearing that rng alter down. No more freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and steak sacrifices. stupid rng
It’s back to Anoia Goddess of Things Stuck in Drawers for me!

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