Frustrated so far (new mythic)

this week i spent the most resources ive ever had or spent in gow,
so far 3500 glory keys, 350 guild keys, 350 gem keys, 11k gems

and found no Stormhammer mythic :sob:

basically im frustrated and scared i wont find it,
im kind of feeling desperate but i see no way to ensure to find it anymore, i cant afford tones of gems neither vip 5…

really looked forward to actually use that tank on offense and defense (unlike most of ppl)

what do you guys do to comfort yourself i such cases?

especially you, @DonBoba

and yes i know there is hope with 3.1 we could get crafting system but for now there is no hints that would give me hope i can ensure to get it with that system anyhow…
wedont know yet if crafting system can give us mythic, then we dont know what kind of resources will it take, and then by what criteria those mythics will be available if so - too many uncertainties


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Am I allowed to say that here?


yes but you may wanna put it in a spoiler tag with explanation adults only xD thanks :grin:
that sure sounds like helping


i even was thinking about buying growth pack with the mythic in (which is really too expensive for me :cry:) but then i found out that it gives radom mythic so i gave up :weary:

i bet thousands of ppl think and did the same…

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Your best bet, if you ask me, is to wait for the next time khaziel is the event kingdom and try with event keys.


Oh and if you really want him then use your guild resources on Monday and try to get your guild to finish 40k seals before Friday to use seals.

the seals are impossible and i havenot many event keys but ill try thank you :+1:

someone please convince developers and @Saltypatra to give us hints about crafting system for more hope on targetting mythics :blush:

No worries. That’s what I would do if I was in the same situation. One of my guild mates found him from a few keys obtained through legendary tasks! So hope is not lost!

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I spent 11k gems along with keys too and didn’t get it. Hope rng is nice to me on Monday and drops the new legendary in first 50 event keys :sob:

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I open about 250-300 gem keys a week. And i spend any amount of glory (first to mythic that week event troop then buying glory keys). I have half the released mythics. I try to open any key excpet event keys as soon as i get them because im trying to get death before number of mythics increases and it gets harder and harder on rolling a number on him.

I dont save keys so i dont get too disappointed if i didnt get the mythic in its exclusiv week. If i had all previous mythics i would be saving keys since there would be no point in spending them. Only mythic i got in its exclusiv week was Jotnar and it was from guild keys.

So i never spend more then 200 gem keys in a short period of time, and therefor i dont get bigger disappointment. Is it smart? Maybe not. But im not frustrated from not getting anything in 1000 gem keys - just because i open them throughout the whole month and not on a single day.

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Fingers are crossed for both @Annaerith and @LEAKAY. I really hope that you get him this coming week.


I think the drop rate for the tesla will be low given there are 2 other legendaries in the pool this round. Not sure I will bother getting her to mythic.

One Tesla will be great to start with :smiley:


with tesla i have a problem xD

my silly 300+ event keys probably will not sufce to do all of it:

  • hunt missing khaziel mythic
  • hunt tesla adana? or is tesla khaziel?
  • hunt entire new kingdom soon…

Tesla is Adana. That’s a dilemma so with all dilemmas you need to decide what you want more, I guess.

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I sympathise and don’t envy your decision. All the best.

One Tesla and I am done. :wink:


Yep. Same here.

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Just try to enjoy the game as it is, which in this state of mind i’m more leaning towards not even trying to get anything as RNG hates the hell out of me. xD

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