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Ps4 - Bunni nog not in event chests?

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to ask you guys if this is for real or not.
I’ve just paid 3000 glory get Bunni to mythic, plus one extra for the last trait stone I need, but I’m still one arcane short by the way, but my biggest problem was that I got 7, yes 7 flame cannon! One knight coronet and 7 troops that I think are rubbish. Does this seem fair?

I Havent been on the game but I would have presumed the legendary in event chests was the silent one. An estimate for pulling a legendary that way appears to be 1 in 50

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Just bought another one, that’s two more than I needed and got another sodding flame cannon! I did however get a carnex with it, but what’s with all the constructs?

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The game thinks the Event Kingdom is Adana like the PC version is.

Probably @Sirrian’s fault :wink:


This is why I never use event chests on the first day of the event. It seems like there is often some kind of glitch with this stuff.

Sorry for your luck, but the odds of getting a legendary in event chests are pretty thin as Robert says. It’s just that you can at least guarantee that IF you get a legendary, you’d normally know which one it would be. To get even a Carnex in 10 event chests was pretty good!


I was impatient! My gf always gets a legendary on the first day, or seems to. She’s had maw, gar nok, psion and two others I can’t remember!

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Try 2.



Not sure if the event and vip chest are bugged or not but i see the reset counter say -29 days

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