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Question about Console VIP Chest functionality


I’m figuring you would know this the best. Not looking for any specific numbers, just more wondering how they are supposed to work.

I know that with all the other chests, you’re most likely to receive a troop but there’s also a chance that gold, souls, glory, and traitstones could come as well.

More specifically, say the rng will give me an Ultra Rare from a Glory (or Gem) Chest. While that Ultra Rare is most likely to be a troop, there’s a percentage chance that it would give me a Runic of some color instead. Same with Epics (and Arcanes) and Legendaries (and Celestials).

So are VIP chests supposed to have the same chance of getting a Traitstone instead of a Troop? That if there were a 20% chance (I don’t know exactly, just using this for reference), then if the chest comes up “Epic” that I’m 80% likely to get a troop and 20% chance to get Arcanes instead?

Part of why I’m asking is that when I opened VIP Chests (41 total to be exact), I pulled 3 Troops, and 38 sets of Arcanes, which don’t get me wrong, were very nice, but statistically that seemed way unlikely. So just wondering if it were a fluke and come Blighted Lands I’ll end up with something more akin to the other chests, or is that just how VIP Chests on Consoles are supposed to work with a heavier chance on pulling the Arcanes. Thanks much.

(And if anyone else has had similar or different experiences with the Console only VIP chests since the 1.09 update, I’d like to know. If it were on PC or before July of this year, then I don’t think it will be as helpful.)

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Yup last week i opened 20 vip and got 3 mah and rest was arcane

And another 20 vip this week and got 2 molock 1 ragnagord and rest was arcane


And something I just noticed for this week…

It says I can win Moloch (main Legendary of Whitehelm, ok makes sense) and Ragnagord (event troop from Divinion Fields… Um what?)

Shouldn’t that say Mercy, Lady Sapphira, or Celestasia instead? (Most likely Mercy)

Edit: Rereads above post. Wait, you pulled Ragnagord? That feels… so wrong (though I need 2…)

Edit 2: As I watch the troop pictures switch between Moloch, Mercy, and Ragnagord, I’m thinking: Ok who let the Summer Imp loose on console again…

Edit 3: Ok had to try… Yup got a Ragnagord. Though again with 20 chests, I got 5 troops and 15 sets of arcanes. That really doesn’t seem right, much as I love the stones.

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I see I’m not going crazy and here I was thinking it was just me.
@Shiratori I have noticed this to.
Now I’m not new to opening vip chest either as I’ve had access to it since April 1st.

Before the last update I always get 6+ troops and between 2-4 stones. Since the update I have opened 70 vip chest for a grand total of 7 troops. Don’t get me wrong I like the stones but there is something wrong with the troop stone distribution @Mr.Strange.

Bumpity, Bump, Bump

I’ve noticed the change too.
I open VIP chests 10 at a time, and the past 6 sets (60 chests) have ALL been traitstones!

Before the update I was getting at least 4 of the legendary troop per 10 opened.
I enjoy the traitstones as there is less grinding later on, but not at the expense of ascending legendaries to mythic!

I’ve. Also spoke to a few vip players on psn and they are all experiencing the same. :frowning:

Can you check the vip chest on console please? @nex @Mr.Strange

i wish that happened on mobile. i need stones not troops.

The Grass is always greener on the other side

We looked at this briefly, and the obvious problem wasn’t a problem.

So we’ll look a bit deeper. Could be a bug that we’ve fixed internally, in which case you’ll need to wait for the next patch.

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Thank you devs. Much appreciated :slight_smile: