VIP Chest...What do you pull?

Last few weeks all I got from VIP chest using Diamonds were stones. Now I get this garbage. What is everyone else pulling from the VIP chest? Just bad luck on my end?


From 50 this week i pulled death and like 10 Legendarys

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Console topic @DEMONorANGEL

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Is there a consensus on console that it is not neccessarily worth the investment to access VIP chests?

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Yeah ever since last update the vip chest on console has been terrible rng.

@JTango before the last update you were probably getting 6troops and 4stones.

Indeed. I had pretty good luck before. I’ll take traitstones all day with a few Legendaries, but getting all of one card is a bit disheartening. Especially since it takes a while to save up a 2k gems for 50 Chest. There just seems to be no consistency on what might come out of them. I know what most people will say…RNG. I know, I know!


Just did 10 VIP Chest and got lucky with Death and 6 legendary cards.

When Plague came though, I did 50 VIP chest and didn’t get him. I ended up getting him Glory chest.

I am still missing war now, but have all the other cards.

I am on PC/Mobile though.

@psychetruth I specified that this was console only, but good on you for having great luck on PC/Mobile. Maybe they will change ours on Console when the add more content.

Last monday I opened 10 VIP chests: 20 Arcane stones
And tuesday I opened 10 VIP chests: 5 Gorgotha, 5 Emperina

VIP chests are great, but I only open enough to 5 star the weekly legendary troop. So after tuesday I haven’t opened more. I don’t want any more Gorgotha or Emperina, so I wait for the weekly kingdom to change.

Yeah 40 traitstones for me last week and no troops. This week 10 epic wtf. Decided to open another 10 pack. 2 gorgotha 8 emperina.

@Mr.Strange I know you were looking into this. Any new update why this is happening and why no stones are appearing now since you were made aware of it last week?

It’s not just the VIP chests, the Event chests this week have exclusively given me RUNESMITH and NOTHING BUT RUNESMITH for the entire week. On mine and my SO’s accounts. sigh

Other troops keep showing up in the Event preview window, but nooooooo, it appears it’s like “The Cake is a Lie” wouldn’t you know it?

I’m probably not stating this next part correctly AT ALL (so any programmers out there, feel free to chime in and correct my misaperception) but… Does this have anything to do with mapping the total troop list we get according to IP address? Is the troop inventory on my PC/Mobile account affecting what I get on XB1 console and vice versa? Are other user accounts on my devices preventing me from getting more new troops, so I ended up with endless Major or Runic Arcane stones or Gold instead?

And now this week, dozens of the same card from the Event chest.

I don’t understand how people can use just 1 or 10 keys and get something they’re missing from a chest. That is plain impossible for me as far as I know. I seemed to require a 30x50 chest pull to even have a hope of getting a missing Common card. Since when were Commons as difficult to get as Legendaries on consoles.

I can’t see the code, so I can’t say how their services operate. That being said, the odds of your IP address being used as a data point in the payout formula are extremely remote. I think you’re just getting bad luck. It’s easy to attribute a streak of unfavorable events to something other than chance, and that’s likely the case here.

Well, the reason I mention that issue at all is due to something I recall from the Steam community forums. One guy noticed that his daughters (or son maybe) were getting a lot more legendaries than he was, even those HE was the one who had paid content on his account at home.

And more recently, someone else observed his wife was getting all the legendaries, even though he was the one playing more but still had none, so he felt awkward getting teased constantly about it… These are anecdotal observations, of course.

I can’t even imagine how or why they’d invest resources in a punitive system like that. Surely the devs have shown good faith on enough occasions (console and PC) that you would put them above such base behavior.


Oh dear… I hardly would label what I’m trying to describe as some sort of nefarious punitive scheme!

What I’m suggesting is perhaps there’s a tracking scheme of some sort in place, possibly to monitor hacking. And possibly it is monitoring behaviour of user accounts as a whole when originating from a single address. Could this be interfering somehow with the way chests work? That’s my actual question, I think.