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VIP Chest question

I’m on the Xbox One and I noticed that for the VIP chests this week, that each time I go to look at them, the troops that it says I can win change.

Normally I’ve noticed, there’s a featured kingdom of the week, and the legendary for that kingdom is in the VIP chest for that week.

Since the cards in the VIP chest keep rotating every time I go and check on them, does that mean there is no specific troop for this week? Or would there be a bigger chance of getting the “featured troop” (ie: the ones currently displayed when I’m at the VIP chest screen)?

Thanks for any help with this! : )

With the new update, we changed VIP chests so that the troops that drop are from a large pool of troops from epic rarity and above, with at least one legendary or higher. The troops are no longer restricted to a select few per week.

Ah! Good to hear! Thank you very much for the quick reply! : )

GoW devs are the best devs!

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