Question regarding the Store with the next update

Hello @Mr.Strange and @Nex

I don’t remember if this had been answered before or if this is one of those “we can’t say right now” questions. But I’ll throw it out there in its own spot and see come what may.

If I’m not mistaken, currently VIP chests for the consoles give Epics and Legendaries from the current Event Kingdom as well as Arcane and Celestial Traitstones. Each key should give 1 of the above.

Not too long ago, the PC Store changed the rewards for VIP chests so that any Epic, Legendary, (or Mythic) troop was available (not solely from the Event Kingdom). Also each VIP Chest would now reward 2000 Gold along with 1 of the following:

1 Legendary Troop (or Mythic Troop) or
2 Epic Troops (not necessarily the same one) or
2 Traitstones

So essentially the question is would this update to VIP chests be coming to console with the next update, a future update after the next one, or not planned at all/still discussing if it would?

Or as mentioned, “We can’t say right now.”


That change is not part of the upcoming update.

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Thank you. Always appreciated.

Thats Music to my ears @Mr.Strange

I don’t think console needs it just yet. Until base mythics are available I don’t see why it should change.