Vip chests anyone?

Has anyone opened any of the VIP chests yet? The video About chests said they would be kept a secret until the vip video, but then weren’t talked about again.

I haven’t opened it because it didn’t really interest me. I have psion already and not really interested in trying to mythic it. Unless there’s another advantage i don’t know of.

I opened a 10 pack. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I opened it on impulse.

I got 2x Psion, 4 Dimerexia, and some other stuff. (Edit to correct the troop. I got mixed up on my chests.)

I think I would only open any of them again if I was targeting a legendary it contained.

I opened 10 vip chests and I received arcane traitstones only…
Really disappointed…

opened a couple. It seems to only give what it lists there so psion the epic and the traitstones. I got more epics and a couple stones. I suppose it’s decent way to get a missing legendary. I’m guessing pretty decent odds on it maybe even 1/4.

Agree, found it underwhelming… but it’s early days…

I opened a 50 pack. For science. Got 4 Psion, 18 Dimetraxia, 3 Celestial Traitstones, and the other 25 were random Arcane Traitstones. So yes, somewhat underwhelmed, and definitely don’t need to ever get that many of an Epic.

And the most I have of any one Arcane Traitstone is 5, which isn’t enough to upgrade an Epic’s #2 Trait let alone #3 or a Legendary. So how many of these things would we have to go through??

OH, and what makes this even worse is that I’ve got 9 of the Celestial ones now, which I can only assume are used on #3 traits for Epics and Legendaries. Given that I cannot actually upgrade the #2s, the Celestial ones are now useless to me. Something needs to be done about the Arcane Traitstones, @Sirrian. This is messy.

I mean, the only thing I can come up with is to buy those 400 Glory packs and load up on the appropriate traitstones that way. And that would shift on a basis unknown to the players, too slowly, and seeing as it’s kingdom based (Purple/Brown = Darkstone), we would actually not even have access to all of them because there aren’t that many kingdoms yet! (Although I guess we’re down to one more color combination left, but my point stands!)

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This is sad and disappointing. I also agree that with so many many different types of traitstones there should be an easier way of targeting the ones you need. I look at it like this, if one of the top top 1% can’t even get a second tier trait on an epic or legendary AFTER having frankly enormous amounts of resources in the switch, how long is it going to take the rest of us?


Yeah, pretty much. I literally just bought the most expensive thing in the game to see what would happen, and it wasn’t enough. At the very least we should be able to zero in on the ones we want in this fashion.

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I agree. If traitstones were targetable vie farming in specific cities, and if the event and VIP chests dropped only the stones needed for the troops that are the current event, it would go a long way toward not feeling futile.

I mean, we’ve got this great new feature. We’ve got the goal of making a team with mythic-level legendaries and full traits and everything - and after throwing everything at it, pretty much nothing happened on that score. I can barely make a team of decked out rares, let alone the ones I want. Epics, legendaries? Not a chance.

Same here… as I just posted in the other (similar) thread… not feeling much of a GoW ‘whale’ after all!

So its targeting a particular kingdom? So is a slightly better version of the event chest? Or is it also more expensive gemwise.

Yes, yes and yes.

@Shimrra has studied them closer than I have, and could give you a more precise answer, I am sure.

The VIP chests give ONE of exactly four things:

  • Legendary troop of the week (Psion currently)
  • Epic troop of the week (Dimetraxia currently)
  • RANDOM Arcane Traitstone, OR
  • Celestial Traitstone

They cost 50 gems, each. Usual bulk discounts apply.

I actually have no idea what Event Chests really do. Every time I’ve tried, the results have been puzzling to say the least. They do appear to be ultra or better though.

I haven’t studied them yet but from my limited experience they seem to contain troops from a limited pool of ‘recently released’ stuff. My guess is that everything from the last couple of months is in this pool.

I had expected some multiple of traitstones, not just 1 from each VIP open.

To be fair, Arcane Traitstones are the equivalent of an Epic. Guaranteed, bare minimum.

The fact we need almost as many of them as we need Epics to make a Mythic, only we can’t make use of them WITHOUT the numbers, is why we need to improve on this randomness…

It has occurred to me that this could be easily solved by altering the Arcane Traitstones. They need to be less specific. I have two concepts for this so far:

  • Just have an catch-all, neutral Epic-Level Arcane Traitstone, the same as Celestial is for Legendary.
  • Have 6 Arcane [Color] Traitstones, and have the requirements for troops be ‘X or Y’ out of their colors.

Converting existing traitstones would be far easier with the first concept, but the second one remains interesting without being, shall we say, needlessly complicated/difficult.

Well, maybe that was part of the point, having something new that is challenging to achieve even for ‘whales’, so they have a new target to aim for and get slowly and gradually like the rest of us, instead of just getting it all in a day.

As is it, there’s an outcry in the lower levels that the power gap is getting wider with the new update, just from the mythic business. Imagine what the gap will be if you get all the traits you want right away. I believe things are better the way they are now.