Chest opening tracker

hey guys, in anticipation of tonight’s release I was hoping to catalog what I open. Does anyone have a nifty spreadsheet or other form to track these with?

This is the one I’ve been using. Feel free to copy the format. Take note of the tabs.

I usually just average the resources… I doubt I’ll be keeping track of as many things this time, since I can’t count most of my troops before and after and do an average (no longer a case of having just 4 copies). Ultras or higher I can count per 50-pack as before.

Gem / VIP Keys are easier to do.

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Thank you, I have ~1,200 glory, and ~600 gold keys. It would be interesting to see how the results average out. I have somewhere around 1,500 gems, so debating on using them for 1/5 as many VIP chests compared to Gem chests.

1/5 of the number of Gem Chests, or 1/5 of the 1500 gems? The latter is only 6 VIP keys (scary as that sounds) but it might still be enough for a legendary. In your position I’d use VIP keys until I got the legendary and at least one copy of the epic, then switch.

An 80/20 split would be 75 Gem Keys and 15 VIP Keys. With some gems left over.

Sorry, to clarify, I was saying that VIP chests cost 5 times as much. So I would only get 1/5 the returns. So are the VIP chests themed for the week? Sort of like the Event Chests?

That’s correct. There’s a decent chance of getting the Legendary of the event’s kingdom (so in this case, the new one) and a very high chance of getting the Epic (whichever one it is, if there’s more than one). The rest is Arcane Traitstones or Celestials. I’ve got some (limited) numbers for this in my spreadsheet there.

Given that they’re getting a minimum value of an Epic/Arcane, they were basically worth the price for those who were after such things.

Of course now the Epic and Arcane draws are doubled, and all VIP keys earn an extra 2000 gold regardless. So they’re better.

Ah OK. It is scary the notion of opening those since they are so very expensive. I’m relatively new, lvl ~300, so I need a fair bit. I think I’ll open the glory and gold chests first to see what I get before deciding on the mix of VIP and Gem chests.


That’s my plan as well. I hope the RNG gods are in a nice mood today.

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They’re buffing the VIP Chests considerably. Seems like it’ll be more than worth it to buy those vs the Gem Chests if you’re VIP 5 and already have a decent collection. Better chance at Legendaries and Mythics, 2x drops on Epic and Traitstones. Seems to be WAY more than 5x the value of the Gems Chest. The only reason not to go VIP is that you’ll get less total stuff, so if you’re missing a ton of troops then prob best to do Gems Chest.

Yeah, I just earned VIP 5 the other day. I have most of the troops, just no Mythic level, and missing a few good legendaries.

Keep in mind that Nobend event will still be going on till Monday, so the event kingdom will likely stay where it is and not be the new kingdom until next week. Would hate for someone to blow their event keys on the wrong kingdom.


This. Please use caution before opening the overhead bins, as contents may have shifted during flight.


Don’t you mean contents may not have shifted? :stuck_out_tongue:


With summoning fixed the goblin king is a lot more attractive then it used to be

True this. Goblins alone are already annoying, a Goblin spawner that no longer sucks will be a pain.
Looking forward to it!

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Hopefully the patch comes with upcoming kingdoms in the files so I can plan my gem use

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I just got goblin king this week and i already had the goblin leveled and traited.

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