What is the VIP chest unit this week?

Wondering what the Vip chest prize was rhis week. Interested if its worth raising to vip level 5.

Carnex for the Legendary slot
Ghiralee for the Epic slot

  • various Arcane Stones
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Hey brother what are the percentages for legendary , epic ect, ?

Uhm… I’ve only tried the 10 chests pack 2 or 3 times, so I can’t promise how accurate my ratio is.
But from what I’ve seen, for every 10 pulls, there’re about…

1 Legendary
5 epics
4 stones

I’ve been seeing alot more epics than arcane stones, not sure if it’s just me tho.

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@ctu1208 So it’s 50 diamonds for 1 pull , 500 for a 10 pack right ?
Need to figure out if its really worth the look my wife will have on her face when she sees the credit card statement hehe

10-packs are discounted 5% to 475, 50-packs are discounted 10% to … 2250 …
Realistically, don’t get a 50-pack unless desperate, AFAIK you get way too many epics.

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