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A New Mythic Approaches - Mistralus

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-mistralus/

New Mythic Troop: Mistralus Mistralus will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

WOW Luckiest pull I have ever gotten. Only 4,000 worth of guild seals!!! Didn’t even have to touch my glory or gem keys


1,200 glory keys, pretty stoked. Servers are struggling hard to play test it though.

Did you restart game after reset?

5200 gem keys in and I got it. I am so furious right now and this is obviously a bad place to be then.


Insane amount of keys, what the hell RNG?


has anyone managed to get Mistralus to cast 4 times? I’ve yet to see it after many explore 12 matches…

Edit: finally managed to get one 4 cast in like 40 minutes. RNG I suppose.

Ok she is scary good. Im already in love with her, but also terrified at the defense teams that will come out of this. You can always freeze her but if combined with that new legendary Bee troop (i forgot her name) with cleanse on 4 matches she could really be a nightmare to play against. Its like the original version of Whisp before it was nerfed, but on steroids.

She will prob shift the PVP meta, but i still love her so much Awesome troop!!!

Always do and check unowned troops + global chat for drops. This is just unreal man. 5200 gem keys.


600 gem keys 7000 glory keys 30000 plus glory then 25000 gold keys to get more glory plus bought 3 of those 3 vip chest plus 10 gem key offers…still no mythic…other people on the same console pulling 3 and 4…pissed is an understatement

Decided to delete my messages. They were out of control because I got so very furious.

If the problem is that you(Devs) are not able to add a specific Mythic to a drop table lets say Gem Chests - in time. Please get better with this.

Anyone that have spent 5200 gem keys or more in a single opening before getting a exclusive Mythic will THINK that this is not RNG but someone from the team forgot to put the Mythic in the gem chest drop table. They added it late tho.

I can contact support, but they will just tell me that it was added at the very reset in every chests that can obtain Mythics. So they will always get the upper hand.

This is a huge lose for me, where I can get absolutely ZERO support, for the reason above, and I feel for anyone that experienced the same today.


Nope you’re not going to get any help probably not even a response and nobody will care but you and say you were just unlucky…mean while there are people who have pulled 3 or 4 and spent way less than you have because “luck”


I would be totally fine if I knew for sure that this was bad luck. But after opening such a mass of keys like 5200 gem keys to get a copy, I cant help it but questioning if they added the new exclusive Mythic in time for the gem chests.

What is disheartening is that there will be absolutely zero support to get, as they will just say “that it was added and working as intended” - no matter what.

So I am screwed.

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like 60% of the time she hits 2 troops, 30% 3 troops, 10% 4 troops. This has been my experience. but on the bright side i have yet to hit only one troop.

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Upon viewing the artwork for Mistralus, the portion of my brain that houses the memory of that ice/snow sculpture of Andie MacDowell’s character’s countenance from Groundhog’s Day was accessed.

When I saw “jumble the board and gain an extra turn,” I imagined rare occurrences where the player had only one viable move on the board after cast, which would then lead to a favorable looping run for the AI (and curse words from the player).

As far as getting this particular Mythic to drop, RNG was favorable in that only (a few thousand) glory keys were expended. :slightly_smiling_face:

14k guild seals, 50k glory, 400 gem keys… Still nothing…
Can’t even imagine if it was 5k gem keys :skull_and_crossbones:

Guess what are the chances of this customer buying the nifty offer they showed me after I wasted all those resources in their slot machine?:

:thinking: :roll_eyes: :vulcan_salute:


what to say, what to say. I am kinda numb. I forgot to add that I started out with 4k glory keys.


There is about a 1 in 200 chance to not get a mythic with 5200 gem keys.

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I spent: 80k glory, 3600 glory keys, 12,000 seals and 850 gem keys – nothing. How deeply frustrating! I lucked out and pulled her a bit later after spending all of the gems I had been saving for bounty, but honestly if I hadn’t that might have been game-endingly disappointing.

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I’m afraid to even use keys for this mythic. I used tens of thousands of keys on the last two mythics and didn’t get either of them. It’s very annoying when players save all their keys that they’ve collected for an entire month of playing the game (usually daily) and then whiff completely on getting a new troop. “Thanks for playing the game just as hard as the next person. Unfortunately, this new DLC you just weren’t lucky enough to get!”

I took the dive and used, in order: 310 guild keys (6200 seals), then I opened gem keys one at a time until I used all 449 gem keys of them, then I switched to using glory keys one at a time until I used 609 glory keys and got Mistralus.

Last mythic I used over 600 gem keys, over 9000 guild seals, 150 VIP keys, and 3000+ Glory Keys and didn’t get the mythic, and the same thing happened for the mythic before that. But of course, now I’m out of Gem Keys again, but at least I only had to use a fraction of glory keys.