A New Mythic Approaches - Will of Nysha

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New Mythic Troop: Will of Nysha Will of Nysha will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

400 glory keys for a first copy
8800 glory keys more for a second copy
1400 glory keys for a third copy

(9200 glory keys for 2, 10,600 glory keys for 3)

Morale of the story, don’t trust glory keys :slight_smile:

im getting servers degraded message and scared to spend my keys right now. can you tell my what platform you are on.

Xbox One, lots of people are getting it on this platform.

Worth mentioning the key opening process was pretty slow though, like the game had to think about each batch key opening.

Thanks im on Xbox too, now that i have confirmation she is in the drop pool time to start the slot machine. lol

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5,000 glory keys
4,000 guild seals
200 gems keys (and there she was)

missed the last two mythics but really wanted this one so my luck came right on time


Well that was quick
50 Gem Keys


Freaking random.

I kind of lost track but I spent something like 1600 Gem Keys, 5400~ Glory Keys (give or take 200?) and another 850 pseudo Gem Keys via seals. Last set of seals, was about to hit up some Clan Orbs for more …

I don’t think I’ve ever pulled two mythics at once before, or not two on release at any rate.


I enjoy this mythic quite a lot since its not hard to fill it at all with Mountain Crusher. Unfortunately, that means there’s no super amazing secret team because it just slots into places where AoE is an option.

As with other troops like this (Scorpius, Champion of Anu), I happen to like multiples of these 3rd traits (though I don’t really think 3+ of these troops is necessary).

One nice thing to note, even if the enemy dodges the damage via submerge, they’re still getting their magic stolen.

I can see this being a nice delve quick clear troop (well, Rowanne is Blue/Green and this is Yellow/Brown/Purple). Very good Archmagus hero class event troop, good Mystic invasion event troop, and useable Silverglade raid troop.

PS. Thrall + 2 Will of Nysha is pretty fun.


Not sure it’s worth going for 2. Let alone 3. Happy that I got one haha.

Got one from 550 Gem chests (11 x 50).

2000 Glory Keys, 400 Gem Keys, 150 Level 6 Guild Seals Chests = 1 Will of Nysha.

Got lucky, only 100 guild chests (level 6), suppose it makes up for the crazy amount I used to get last months mythic


Will seems to be describing another person with huge… tracts of land!


6k glory keys.

Excited to play around with purple-boosting :smiley:

1400 glory keys, 1200 gem keys. I’m considering getting a second since I still have a good amount of keys left. :thinking: I’m not sure if it’s worth it either though.

150 glory keys.

… ahahahahahahaaaaaa that was so fast I’m worried i might be pregnant.
Just kidding. Wow! 150 keys and done XD

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Meanwhile I used 400 gem keys, 500 guild keys, and 4600 glory keys and got nothing. I didn’t get the last mythic either, Mother of Darkness, and I used tens of thousands of keys on her.

I’m playing on Steam platform btw.

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She’d be much more viable and desirable if the calculation were [Magic/2] but as true damage. As it stands, eh. I haven’t found a team where having her in it is demonstrably better than having another troop in her spot.

Basically she might be annoying to play against due to the magic steal, but that’s about all.

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80,000 seals for two. A bit much I think.

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