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A New Mythic Approaches - Sycorax

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-sycorax/

New Mythic Troop: Sycorax Sycorax will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

my turn to feel some pain

4,686 glory keys, nothing
700 gem keys on a 200 pull for 1 copy

some 30k+ glory on chests - nothing new.

Then 250 Gem chests - and finally 1 (not that I needed more).

Only 1k glory keys. That means Lord Of Slaughter is going to break my bank. :scream:

Ok under the right conditions this guy is pretty busted. Obviously you can just be boring and use a Gob truffle team which im sure many ppl will use :yawning_face: . but if you think outside the box a little this troop has so much more potential.

If you can keep a storm going into the color you are trying to loop into its pretty much game over. So far i have made about 5 different teams that will absolutely murder everything on the bored with out ever giving up my turn once i cast Sycorax. And on top of that by the end of the match i end up having like 200-300 health on everybody. Even if Sycorax somehow misses a cast your durability Should get you thru it.

He is so much fun. I was a little afraid of the defense teams that will be made with him, but the computer isnt the best at always picking the right color so it shouldnt be to bad to deal with.

edit: almost forgot
Cost - 1,857 glory keys
896 Gems keys
4,000 guild seals
3,000 Glory (Got one copy with glory)

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I find Daughter of Ice -> Sycorax is pretty obnoxious on looping blue indefinitely. Can easily dump Mistralus in for damage without dropping turns.


Well after the last Mythic costing me all of my Glory, Gem Keys, Guild Keys and, eventually a whole bunch of Clan Orbs before I got it, this one only cost me 1000 Glory keys :+1:

This team is fun:

Life and Death
Shahbanu Vespera

Brown++ Green+ Red- Hive Banner

I was using Deathknight, mostly because I need to Level it :slight_smile:

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Probably my cheapest ever which was lucky cos the last 1 burned my stash. 2000 seals 200 glory keys. Thought this one was a forge certainty.

I was starting to doubt if new mythic was in guild chests… 97,000 seals spent.

Yikes, that’s a lot.

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I got mine in guild chests, after 450 gem keys, 800 glory keys, and 9k guild seals.

4526 glory keys, then a little over 22k raw glory.

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This time it was pretty cheap for me. 3K Seals.
Now I wait for Lord of Disappointments.

Don’t sell that guy short. I think he’s going to be fun.

I guess you could say that if the devs have fun making the gnolls nearly useless with the very lame “Lolz Random!” targetting mechanics.

He will always be high risk, but in the right deck, straight savage.

5600 glory keys, 2200 gem keys, still nothing. Mythics are down to 0.08% chance for gem keys again. Guess I should have checked before opening.

I had a good run with Mythics for the last two months. My luck was bound to run out and it did. I spent an ass load of resources but surprisingly I don’t feel bad about it at all…

1,800 glory keys. Not a bad troop, better queen aurora minus the barrier. That third trait minimum should have been on 4+ matches. The hero has a better team wide trait that synergizes better with elementals.

I’d say a lower b at best or upper c tier. It’s universal enough to see play in multiple teams, but trades consistently for flavor and it’s best on teams that frankly, didn’t need it.

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4k guild seals :grinning:
Makes up for the last few mythics