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Your Best Team & Strategies

Hey everyone, new to the Forum, playing GoW for about six weeks now and just hit level 100.

Now from what I understand, the console version is behind the others by a bit. This leaves us with fewer Kingdoms and Troops to work with, therefore drastically lowering the number of Team combinations and strategies available to us.

In here we can share Teams (and their accompanying strategies) that have brought us success.

The Team I have been using with a lot of success is such;

Panther Guard (15 Blue/Purple)
Behemoth (15 Blue/Brown)
Valkyrie (10 Red/Yellow)
Druid (12 Blue/Green)

With this Team you have all six colours in play, so no match is a “waste”. Now, you will notice the heavy reliance on Blue and that may appear to be a flaw (it occasionally can be) but it actually isn’t much of an issue.

I use Adana’s banner (+1 Red/Yellow) and my priority for matching is Red/Yellow, all in the name of charging Valkyrie. She is the key to your success and it is not unusual for her to charge the rest of your Team with a single spellcast.

Panther Guard is very strong at the beginning of battles, his Ability is stronger when the enemy Team is at full health and his 10 attack means you shouldn’t be afraid to match Skulls. He can’t absorb too much damage before dying, but all you need is his Ability to fire once or twice (a couple physical attacks as well hopefully).

Behemoth is the true tank of this Team. He will whittle down the enemy Team over time, take a huge beating himself all while slightly charging the others (typically 1-3 per Troop, great for finishing off charges). Panther Guards tends to leave enemies alive with few HP left and Behemoth will finish them off.

Valkyrie is squishy, therefore she occupies the third slot (statistically the slot that gets hit the least). Keep her charged as much as possible and the rest of the Team will always have one of them charged as well.

Druid is a great Troop for the end of battles. He’s very durable and is usually the last to die. His strength comes when there is a single enemy Troop alive. At Level 15, Thorn Whip does 8 damage a shot, and with a single enemy, they get hit twice. Not many Troops can take 16 damage at the end of a battle.

The only problem I have ever faced is when the board refuses to either give me Red/Yellows or line up Blues. If you can’t fire Valkyrie off every 2-3 turns, your Mana accumulation will be a very noticeable crawl.


i will try this method thx

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i do have a topic about shield and heart can u help?


Sure. I’ve read that thread, what exactly are you looking to know?

EDIT: If you want specifics on HOW to level a Kingdom, Kingdom levels are obtainable by;

  1. Finishing all the Quests of the Kingdom (+1)
  2. Finishing all the Challenges of the Kingdom (+1)
  3. Upgrade Troops FROM the kingdom to lvl 15 (+1 for each)

Not all Kingdoms have enough Troops to level to 10, just keep that in mind.

For example, I use Adana and currently have it at Kingdom level 7. I finished all Quests and Challenges for 2 levels. I also have 5 Troops from Adana, which I leveled all to 15, giving me another 5 levels.

Hope this helps!


ok so this is what gives you the extra life and shield finishing what you’ve mentioned?

and this applies for ps4 as well?

I play on the PS4 myself, so yes.

Every level increase for your Kingdom can add a bonus to Life, Armor and Magic. You also periodically get +5 Masteries (All) as you level up too.

You can see the chart by selecting your Kingdom, go to the Kingdom page (where you can set your Kingdom) and press X (PS4)/A (Xbox One). Since it’s already your own Kingdom a chart will pop up instead of setting the Kingdom as your Home Kingdom.

I’m on PS4. This is my second week playing, at level 51 right now.

I have two teams I use regularly. The first:

Yellow/Red Banner
Sacred Guardian (lv15 ultra rare, 11 yellow/brown mana for 8 damage+8 shield)
Spirit Staff ( rare, 8 purple mana for 9 damage)
Sabertooth Lion (lv15 rare, 9 blue/green mana for 9 damage & + 2 magic on kill)
Alchemist (lv15 rare, 10 red/brown mana for 9 gold and swap a color to yellow)

My strategy is pretty simple. The Guardian is a tank that stops skull combos, the alchemist supports the Guardian, and the Lion is the assassin. Spirit staff is really just there to not waste a color and dealing more damage than it costs is a boon.

This is my strongest line-up. I mostly use it in PVP and 5 star challenges.

My other team is:

Red/yellow banner
Spirit Staff ( rare, 8 purple mana for 9 damage)
Valkyrie (lvl 10 rare, 11 red/yellow mana for 3 souls and swap a color to blue)
Alchemist (lv15 rare, 10 red/brown mana for 9 gold and swap a color to yellow)
Druid ( lvl 9 ultra rare, 12 blue/green mana to deal 5 damage + 1 damage to adjacent twice)

The strength of this team is that I finish each match with around 100 gold (so 50 gold profit) and 16-25 souls. Again Spirit Staff is there to fill in the color hole and as the Hero it has a lot more HP than the rest and makes it the tank. Alchemist and Valkyrie and combo off each other by only targeting Purple, Green, and Brown & sometimes skulls to get several extra turns in a row, ending the successive turns with a thorn whip or skull attack

The 3 big issues with this set up are me being a new player and not having enough souls to get Val and Druid to lv15, the second is bad luck. There are times when the computer gets like 3 treasure-map level combos in a row, because the computer can fucking see what gems drop from off-screen. When Red/Yellow gems don’t spawn. And when a PVP opponent uses the same strategy of 2 color changers but does it with 3 or 4 star troops instead of my 1 and 2 star troops.

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This is a good thread for additional team ideas.

Anyway, “Team Damage” consists of:

Adana Banner (Yellow\Red)
Hero with any blue mana weapon (I like the Knights Sword)
Keeper of Souls

No mana conflicts, all colors represented

Basic strategy is to go for yellow\red matches (only takes 3 matches for Sparkgrinder to power up) and then buff hero (+ 5 to armor and +5 attack). After Hero is buff’ed once, go for Black\Purple to power up the Keeper. Once the Keeper is ready, unleash pure, unadulterated devastation as soon as a 4 or 5 match combo is possible with the the Keepers power (select a color to change to skulls). Most of the time, you’ll kill the first two units off of the Keeper Kombo (hehe) and then pick off the rest with the the Gobln and Knight Sword. If I can buff the hero 1 more time, the attack is 16. Most units can’t take that kind of damage.

I only seem to struggle with teams of mana generators that can get this endless loop of free turns going (Rock Worms and Goblins… looking at you).

And hounds. Man, those confounded hounds are a pain-in-the-butt since I rely so heavily on the Hero’s skull match attacks. All of the Keepers in the world don’t mean squat if my attack is 0. lol

So yeah, good thread as I am looking for new team combinations to use against the cheapness of mana generators and hounds.

@Creed, and especially @QueenOfSidhe’s 2nd Team are interesting to me and I will try them out (or variations based on thereof).

I love endless combos of firing off Spells.

I saw your team in another post, I have to ask, why use sparkgrinder?

It seems redundant to have a support character with Keeper of Souls around. Using KoS ability to get a 4+ combo and another turn seems like you shouldn’t be lacking in damage.

If I had Keeper of Souls I would definitely swap sparkgrinder for something that swaps a gem color to purple/brown, or at the very least one that generates those colors

Yeah, I actually got that advice in the other thread (maybe it was you?).

The Keeper just doesn’t do enough damage when your hero attack is only 6. Even with a 5 or 6 skull match, it’s only 10 damage… where if you buff once with Spraky, you’re doing more like 15 +.

I tried the purple\black banner and to have KOS as the lead, but he does not have enough health to take a few hits until he’s powered up. Even with the banner, The Keeper takes 18 mana to use his power… it’s pretty tough to get him charged up more than once per battle unless you get some lucky mana surges.

I find that I can consistently follow the pattern with my set-up… Sparky --> buff hero —> Keeper destroys.

Otherwise I have to rely on purple\black mana too much. Even tried to throw a rock worm in there to generate black mana (or Acolyte for purple) but it just doesn’t seem to work consistently. One game I’m wrecking shop and the next I can’t get the Keeper charged up once.

That’s what I have found anyway. Too bad you don’t have the Keeper… it would be interesting to see what your experience was.

I find it’s best to try and find a Team combination that doesn’t include the Hero.

There are better tanks and damage-dealing Troops, and over time you can phase out the Hero.

And I have to agree with @QueenOfSidhe, try and find a suitable replacement for Sparkgrinder without sacrificing your Team’s synergy. If possible. We all have restrictions based on level and the Legendaries we pull.

Replace the Hero, huh? That I actually didn’t think of. I have quite a few troops so maybe there is a better lead out there that can do a little more damage by default.

I’ll check into it. Thanks guys.

Not here to brag at all but I pulled TWO Legendaries with a single Iron Key!

Gorgotha & Gloom Leaf too!

Two great cards, now I have much better options and might be updating my Team. Now I have all 8 Troops from Khaziel, so I can finally get a lvl 10 Kingdom as well.

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Wow… buy a lotto ticket today! lol

Congrats on the LEGENDARY PULL!!! :wink:

You’re playing on PS4? Just wondering about the kingdom levels… complete challenges, complete quest, lvl 15 card for a lvl 3 Kingdom… where do the other levels come from?

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You get the rest of the levels from the other Troops from that Kingdom. Each one you level to 15 adds a level to the Kingdom. Not all Kingdoms have 8 Troops to get the Kingdom to level 10 however, here’s a list of all 17 Kingdoms;

8 Troops -
Sword’s Edge

7 Troops -
Broken Spire
Divinion Fields
Forest of Thorns
Pan’s Vale

6 Troops -
Adana (7 when Goblin Rocket is “fixed”)
Mist of Scales
Maugrim Woods

I know you weren’t talking to me with this quote but I’d like to chime in.

I have KoS and have used him sparingly. As with other high-cost Troops, it helps a lot to have the Mana boosts and/or a Mana-boosting Troop (like the Rock Worm for KoS you mentioned).

I’ve been trying to build Teams outside of the one I mentioned now that I have 7 Legendary cards. I’ll list them and any help from anyone would be appreciated;

Behemoth - 15 Blue/Brown
Celestasia - 14 Yellow/Blue
Gloom Leaf - 17 Red/Green
Gorgotha - 15 Yellow/Brown
Keeper of Souls - 16 Purple/Brown
Orion - 11 Yellow/Green
Venoxia - 16 Green/Purple

I have pretty much every other Epic, Ultra Rare, Rare and Common available to our version, so any suggestion is welcome.

Ghulvania has 8 troops actually. There was apparently a “stealth” addition of an 8th troop named Grave Knight that only shows up in your list if you got it from a chest.

I play on Xbox and this is what shows for me:

I sometimes play the team (Brown Banner):

You could probably sub Gloom Leaf for Carnex and do alright.

Edit: I’m playing the Gloom Leaf version of the team now and it seems to work fine.

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I don’t have Carnex unfortunately.

I completely forgot about Grave Knight. He doesn’t even pop up in the “Show All” filter :frowning:
I edited my above post to reflect Ghulvania has 8 Troops.