Weapon restrictions in Tower of Doom ruins it

LOL there is an L in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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True!! I tried.

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Dear devs:

The weapon restriction rule (any weapon must be brown) is fine, but it is made irrelevant by the fact that if you don’t use the new weapon, you don’t get the double score “bonus”.

And its not a “bonus” at all. You have doubled the amount of points needed to reach the rewards, meaning that completing the event is only possible if most of the guild spend 500 gems on the new weapon, AND use it throughout the event.

So, the double point “bonus” effectively cancels out the double points requirement you have imposed on this game mode. So, if we want to get the prizes, we must buy and use the new doomed weapon.

And, of course, it (Doomed Band) sucks. The idea of buffing the magic of all troops is nice, but its slow. And, of course, the weapon must be fully tempered to get the full benefit anyway. Not that it matters, because the effect is too slow to be useful anyway.

The Doomed Band is, of course, a clone of the previous weapon, the Doomed Promise. That’s fair enough, each “generation” of Doomed Weapons has featured a clone for each colour. However, that means the next 4 doomed weapons will be clones of this crappy weapon, and the new scoring “bonus” means we will be forced to use them. It really isn’t looking good for the future of Tower of Doom :frowning:

Until now, we could use any weapon and our guild completed the tower of doom event every time, but now, its much harder.

TBH, it is possibly because the tower of doom requires a new weapon with each iteration. The Hammer-type doomed weapons are incredibly good for ToD, the Doomed Sledge in this case. Being able to instantly cleanse the whole team when casting means that status ailments were very rarely a problem add to that splash damage and some mana generation, and the hammer type weapons are always going to be very hard to beat. However, we’re stuck with a useless weapon, which players are required to buy for 500 gems.

I get that you need to get players to spend money to keep the game going, and that forcing them to spend gems means some players will buy gems for cash. But, its a blatant cash grab, and worse, its hurting the game experience by making us use a crappy weapon. Failure to buy and use the weapon means players are letting down their guildmates, which is of course, the leverage you use to get people to spend.

Personally, I’m happy to spend 500 gems for the weapon. As a rule, I always buy tier 6 in weekly events anyway. But I resent being forced to use whatever crappy weapon you guys come up with each time.

The hero is the most important troop in the game, and the choice of weapons is the reason why. Putting this restriction on choice of weapon makes it a chore.

I get that you use the “double points” idea in the bounty event, but because that is a single player event, there’s no pressure for guildmates to spend gems. Also, carrying 1 bad troop on the team is a lot easier than carrying a bad weapon.

TLDR: forcing me to use a crappy weapon, and asking my guildmates to pay 500 gems to buy it is spoiling this event. Please can you ditch the whole double points thing. I’ve been playing this game for 7 years, and I have never said “I’m thinking of quitting” over whatever changes you have made during that time.

Until now, that is.


This last update was clearly meant to punish guilds that are not full of paying or at least extremely active players. What the devs forgot is that some people avoid the top guilds for a reason - yet that does not mean they are non spenders or not active. Some people just don’t like being in a super competitive environment, don’t like feeling pressured to play and spend constantly, or simply enjoy helping new players. They also forgot that a game needs guilds that are more relaxed, as newer players cannot get into high tier guilds, and it will take them much longer to get to the level to be able to move to such guilds if they so desire, if relaxed guilds are even more hampered than they previously were and/or die out altogether. This will imo lead to a greater drop off in players, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe only whale type players are welcome now, since if you blow unreasonable amounts of money, you can still advance quickly enough despite all this.


Well relax and just dont do it?

I think they should change it to double points for using ANY brown doom weapon


well like it or not… we have these awful rings for at least 4 more ToD

Yeah, of course a lot of people will use d. Sledge and d. Club, but tbey will still buy higher tiers just to get forge scrolls and sigils. Buying tier 4 and above is not really about whatever weapon they are offering (at least until they are on a par with previously released doomed weapons).

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As a follow uo to my previous post, our guild is still struggling to get to level 12 and based on the leaderboard, we are in the top 10% of guilds. @Kafka, please look at the data following this event and make some adjustments.


I can’t see my guild ever getting to any tier offering shiny stuff, which makes that feature exclusive to people who want to be in the top guilds.


Well the only way I’d be interested in the shiny business would be if I had completed every single other aspect of the game and needed something new to do. The troop buffs won’t matter at all unless you are playing in the top, what? Let’s be generous, top 10 brackets of guild wars. How many players can that be? Fine, whatever. There should be some suff that is out of reach based on level - Iike how they roll out the underworld for beginners. Unfortnately, this was not handled that way and does come across like an obvious attempt at a cash grab. I hope most guilds are advising their newbies not to worry about shiny or underspire for awhile. And I love underspire, but I have enough tributes coming in that playing doesn’t pinch me. It’s like everything else in this game when you are starting out - terribly frustrating :joy:

You need 1980 dooms to complete the reward track. For a full guild that is 66 per person. If you didn’t do any of the boon rooms, found no luck scrolls, and only did the unlock and doom rooms, it would require buying up their Tier IV for the weapon, using the weapon, and making it back Floor 33.

Unlike invasion, we aren’t fighting 4 dooms in the doom room, so only getting 2 dooms per floor when using the weapons with the increased score requirements is ridiculous.

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Why 33… ?
I think 28 does it. 28x2 + 6 luck scrolls=56+12=68

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I said 33 as i had said if you didn’t find any luck scroll and only did the unlock scroll room and then the doom/boss room. So you’d only get 2 dooms per floor and need to beat up through floor 33.

That may be so, but it still punishes high tier players who choose to stay in relaxed guilds, and makes lower level players feel they are missing out. I also expect it to negatively impact pvp once people start amassing them, and plenty of players already dislike PvP as is. Before, being in a normal guild just meant slower progression - it didn’t lock people out of game features completely.


Yes totally agree with you.

Well except maybe the PVP part :slight_smile: The point I was trying to make is that they could have implemented and positioned it differently so it would not have alienated so many. But that is true for many things in the game.

Ive been saying that right from the beginning and people called me crazy lol

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Rewards and stuff aside all they have done is turn ToD into Bounty. Instead of being forced to use a troop regardless of it being any good you are forced to use a weapon.

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It’d be a little bit nicer if the bonus/penalty was on a class of weapons, like use Jewellery for a double bonus on dooms, and hey, this new doom weapon is also Jewellery and you can use it if you wish!

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It’s still a restriction… lots of people will have competing ideas about what type of restriction would be “better”. I’m not sure there’s a good answer to what type of restriction would be best.

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