Doomed Blade (a bilateral issue)

When it comes to GoW the community can be very divided. Some folks like GW… Others hate it. Some folks like Treasure Maps…others value their time. :wink:
But what isn’t divisive is…certain Doom Weapons being better than others. But there’s a few that had the unfortunate circumstance of being newer than the others. Since the introduction of Doomed Crossbow there hasn’t been a single weapon affix that’s been an issue. But that doesn’t negate Doomed Blade and Doomed Club still being an issue.
I know there’s a litany of fires to put out and things the devs may feel our more urgent tasks. That being said…
Please put changing Watery to Ruined for Doomed Blades Weapon Affixes as a top priority on the “honey do list” prior to 9/16/19.

(If you agree with me please let it be known. Just reading this and saying nothing doesn’t help. If you disagree and like Doomed Blade as it is. Please also let that be known. Because I don’t believe you people exist. The devs say you do… but I can’t personally fathom it.)

Thank you in advance.


This is pretty high on the really annoying feature and “simple” to change list that could probably have been done a few months ago.

I’d like to use my forge scrolls that I earned from spending gems and playing Tower of Doom…

Simple solutions for these 2 weapons:

  1. Change Create a color gem to Create a doomskull


  1. Change Create a color gem to literally any other affix that isn’t create, destroy, or explode a gem. Give me a treasure map or summon a Quasit. I don’t care.

I agree. Create a doomskull instead please.


Completely agree, I still have upgraded them only to +6 because of that stupid affix. But it has been a long time now I doubt that devs will change that. Or if it happens, it will happen in like 2022 something like that

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I agree too. Weapons that convert gems should not create a gem of a different colour.

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(Obviously, still, as I’ve said many many times in the past…)

I reckon every weapon that tweaks the board like that should have its “upgrades” changed to not do that. In lieu of all of them, Doomed Blade and Club are good ones to start out with.

(As per usual, if you devs need someone to step in and do this job, I’m still here…)


All my dooms are +10 and tbh didnt seen many times where the gem creation screw the matching up (even tho happened 2 times in a row using the blue one in a recent event ;p), attack wise at least, ofc cant see the defenses.

However would be nice if the blue and brown doom get changed to be liked red one but would be even better if all 3 get changed to not created anything cuz seen happen aswell that doom xbow made a 4 match rdy for the AI at least once (there was a row with skull, skull, gem, skull and it created the doomskull right under the gem).

Seen also i am forced by Kitty to use dooms in all GW defs (no ropedart/L&D/EoE x me :frowning:) from me is a big YES at fixing them.

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Yes, please… nearly all the gem creation affixes do more harm than good, but on these doomed weapons it’s especially bad, can make a sure win turn into a loss in the blink of an eye

I find it exceptionally hard to understand that now, over a year after introducing all those detrimental “upgrades”, the most recent Q&A stream revealed that we only just reached the point of “yeah, we finally realized you prefer upgrades that don’t make your weapons perform worse, we haven’t gotten any ideas yet how to improve them”. Just let us toggle those “upgrades” we don’t want to be active, similar to how talent trees work.


Even “create a normal skull” would be far better than what it is right now.

As you can see, almost every weapon I own is leveled to its max. I simply don’t have the resources yet to level the rest.

Maybe I’m not very observant, but I have never found these affixes to be a problem. That’s not to say that the weapon might not be improved by changing them. But as it stands, I have a hard time seeing what you guys are fussing about.

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It breaks up combos when casting. So it’s as if the weapon back fires due to an upgrade. Which should read as an oxymoron.
Example… I have doomed blade ready to cast…I see 2 red, 1 skull, 1 red lined up. That should give me an extra turn on the cast. But oh wait… My affix kicked on so I now I have 1 blue, 1 Doomskull, 1 skull, and 1 doomed skull… Resulting in a loss of turn. And since they will trigger a Cascade. It’s very likely that the AI will benefit from the Cascade thus swinging the odds of victory.
So basically they took a weapon that’s supposed to transform gems and made it transform and spawn. When we already know how crap gem spawners are anymore.

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I’m exactly in the opposite situation. I’ve got pretty much all weapons upgraded to the point where they would receive an affix that significantly alters the way they behave. I’ve got tons of ingots left, with all the options to spend them feeling like a bad investment.

I’m having a hard time seeing how those affixes could not be a problem. I treat weapons as a precision tools, each for a specific purpose. Consider a bucket, it’s a tool that allows me to lug water around. If I drill holes into that bucket I can use it as a sieve, at the cost of making it significantly harder to lug water around. I’d like my buckets to remain buckets, or preferably become better buckets that allow me to lug water around more efficiently. I don’t want to risk runnning into a situation where I need to lug water around and find myself only owning sieve buckets. If I need to sift sand I’d rather pick a real sieve, which is likely better suited for that purpose than a sieve bucket.

I understand your point. All I’m saying is that in practice, I have not found it to be a problem.


What tempering level do you have Doom Blade at?

It happen rarely but happen and keep in mind we only see that when we use the weapon ourselves, not when ai defend using them.

I’ve upgraded them all the way nm what cuz am using each doom for def on his color day in gw so i find the -2 mana for whole enemy team and the insane looping potential worth the risk of sometimes having a 4/5 match screwed up.

But defo would work better if those create gem affix just disappear they arent helping really (not even the xbow one, it just wont break any 4/5 skull match).

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I am in full agreement that these “upgrades” significantly and negatively impact the weapons’ functionality.

Still, I have to ask, would complaining about Doomed weapon upgrades technically be considered a temper tantrum? :thinking:


+10 (and that many characters for response)

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Everyone let the devs know they can reset the clock, it’s now been 0 days since AWR’s last complaint. This is also much ado about nothing. If it gets changed that’s fine. If it doesn’t that’s also fine. As River said, it doesn’t effect gameplay that much. Love Rivers humblebrag of a SS about her weapon stash lol.

I didn’t think it was humble at all. :joy: