Doomed Blade (a bilateral issue)

I max out all the weapons I use and never had a problem with these kind of affixes.

Wouldnt a really simple fix be to put a toggle on upgrades 6 and higher? You would still have to spend ingots to upgrade in order but then turn off things u dont prefer?

Just gonna leave this here.


Yeah, anything related to hardships in GW should be immediately dismissed IMO. I’ll say it again, it’s a garbage event with garbage rewards if you arent in the top bracket. If a top bracket player lost a match because of that doom I’m not losing sleep over it and neither should the devs.

The damn faux-upgrade doesn’t seem like it will ever be a problem.


UNTIL IT IS. And the “that was definitely an extra turn, wtf just happened, where’s Mab” moment happens.

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Well, think i said already i hate GW right? but forced to do in b1, sure if we lose a match devs dgaff BUT if we stop (not myself cuz am a freelaoder) bothering with tempering (something i already did, idc about either the healing weapon and those upcoming weapon that create mix of gems) doom weapons there will be a HUGE drop on gem sink (always spent the 2750 gems needed here to max dooms, since maxed them just the weapon tier is enough) then pretty sure Devs start to care.

Let alone that tod itself is the most expensive but with crappiest rewards of all event, and yes, boring a lot too when you get lot of tiers and got to fight hundreds times the same rooms/boss over and over.

Also i dont think devs really dgaff about it seen unless i am mistaking they stopped putting those affixes on doom weapons, just cba to correct old ones, if those affixes was “so fine” every doom would create a gem then.

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Are you complaining about my complaint?
I’m confused. Do you not enjoy things when they are better than the present state? And it’s not just me that’s not a fan of Doom blade Affixes. A weapon that’s upgraded shouldn’t work against a player. This isn’t a huge ask. And it’s been an issue for a year now.
I’m encouraging newer players to craft it in a few weeks. Come the next blue Doom event I’ll encourage them to get scrolls for it. If I’m going to encourage people to use their resources. I’d simply prefer it didn’t come with consequences… Like a water gem breaking up their combo.
It’s now been zero days since I caught shit for requesting that something be made better. :man_shrugging:
(I guess it’s easier to criticize peers than the devs.)


Do you use Doomed Blade or doomed club?

After I seen the complaints about this in the past. I decided not to go past +6 until I had a chance to see it in action. I feel like its counter productive also.

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I agree it should be changed
Especially shortly after it was released, they changed the explode a gem(I think doomskull) affix, which was a good affix compared to the change a gem
That wasn’t an issue IMO, but this is a built in combo breaker, that often has changed the whole battle for me in a single move
It’s why I use converters instead of random creators or exploders

Or at least give the option to undo it, since they changed the weapon already
When they changed troop traits, u were given the option to remove them and regain your resources
This weapon affix change has a much larger Iarger impact by comparison

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This change has to happen, its awful that rng f you over. They took the DOOMED to much at heart.

I don’t own the club but I use my other doomed weapons quite often.

All the doomed weapons are fine. Save for Doomed Club and Doomed Blade.
So again, do you use Doomed Blade and if yes, what’s it’s tempering level?

I disagree, sort of. I’m not saying I like Watery, but I disagree it’s as bad as people think it is. It’s definitely not bad enough to stop at level 6. That’s just dumb. This is definitely an instance of where you remember the times it screws you stronger than the times it doesn’t. If it goes away or is changed I certainly won’t be upset, but it doesn’t take anything away from the game either. The fact that it costs 18 to cast is a much bigger “problem” (in that it makes me likely to pick something better) than that one minor affix.

Cost of dooms is fine lol, remember they recover 12 mana vs mono colored teams (actually brown one recover 16 seen it also got a +4 mana affix), anything lower will just make them refill themself just casting.

Which of these upgrades is worth me losing an extra turn over? Mind you. Originally, the old +10 used to constantly cost people an extra turn.

A year ago I was of the mind sight. They’ll fix it eventually and I was patient. Then the QA stream indicated that they try not to mess with weapons because some folks are going to like the change. Others won’t.
Which to me is a crap excuse not to do anything. Like on a grand scale… Imagine a world where people stop doing things because it’s going to create positive and negative reaction.
But basically the point I’m trying to make in the OP.
Is… There’s folks who simply don’t care either way. And those who definitely want the change. Those who oppose the change simply don’t exist. So they need to fix it.

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Any of those, because losing an extra turn is a lot rarer than you believe, whereas those always trigger.

Well… if they’re mono colored they’re less likely to have all have two or more mana. But my point was not that they’re bad, but faster weapons are better, because getting that first cast is more important than secondary casts.

Yep - do we see for example a random gem appearing when we use converting or transforming gem troops?


It can be incredibly frustrating to use.


That’s not the point. It shouldn’t happen at all!

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