Doomed Blade (a bilateral issue)

It’s not like it’s the only “feature” that has a chance of giving a free turn to either player. Explosions do. As well as spells that removes gems.

Yeah… Except they’re the only Transformers that do that. So actually they are the only ones. :man_shrugging:

As stated by me before.

You asked for others’ opinions. Apparently you didn’t want to actually hear them. You just wanted to yell in an echo chamber. Sorry.

Lol…I should’ve of stipulated…“informed opinions”… You’re right. My mistake.

Sorry for actually understanding the statistics of it. My bad. I’ll go with your gut feelings instead.

Which doesn’t really matter at all. There’s one very simple expectation, an upgrade should add something beneficial. Plopping a mismatched gem into an otherwise guaranteed extra turn board isn’t beneficial, at best it’s worthless, which beats the purpose of paying for an upgrade. I wouldn’t want to spend two bucks for someone to spit onto my pizza for “extra toppings”, even though the chance to attract some disease might be low.


Or it’ll give you a four match. Like I said, it’s not great mechanic, but it’s also not what many of the comments in here think it is.

About as likely as that spit on my pizza curing cancer.


Shrug It’s happened for me multiple times. Like I said, Negativity bias.

Wait, so you cast doomblade/doomclub/xbow when there’s NO 4/5 mtches to be done and you get 4/5 matches thx to the gem/doomskull created?

Sorry, even tho i agree with the “it suck but happen too rarely to skip the last upgrade” gotta say now you’re geting kinda ridiculous, i recall the FEW times it happened i passed the turn cuz that “downgrade”, i recall the SINGLE time the xbow screwed up to but defo NEVER happened that i got an extra turn thx to the “downgrade”.

Ofc may be cause i dont cast those weapons unless i get 4/5 matches converting, indeed may be that.

Beside, the point is lot more simple that “something that may happen in a Gamerazillion matches” but as Fourdottwoone said a UPGRADE should do something beneficial, not something useless at best if not harmful.

Ps: seen it happened “multiple” times, why then you dont show us a video about that, would be an interesting view and could prove your point too.


I rarely agree with Micio, but I’m doing so here: if Watery is the reason you got an extra turn, then you cast Doomed Blade when its spell wasn’t already going to give you an extra turn. That should only happen when you’re desperate, or if you aren’t playing strategically.


No one is arguing that it happens all the time. It’s like saying well I only get in an accident 1 out of the 100 times I drink and drive. So the option of just not drinking and driving isn’t worth the effort.
Don’t like 1/100… How about 1/1000 or 1/10,000?
Frequency matters not to an upgrade being a positive word. So to have anything that makes it not an upgrade. Is irrefutably dumb.

Someone please tell me if my maths is wrong!

There are 64 gems on the board. On a board where the doomed weapon creates a single match 4, if the affix spawns a gem in any of your 4 matching gems it destroys the combo. So there’s a 1/64 chance for it to spawn in any one place, which when using “OR” 3 times for 4 1/64 chances means it’s a 6.25% chance to screw up your combo and hand over a board full of doomskulls to the enemy.

Edit: for me, it’s. It just about the likelihood but the impact. When it’s happened to me, I’ve usually lost at least 2 troops to the opponents next turn which is often impossible to recover from. Plus the explosions give them a bunch of mana. It really turns the tide of the game


Specially against what 50% of the game where the AI has double my attack life and armor at the very least?
So yeah… If you lose board control the AI quickly gains the advantage.

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Yup, and if you’re in a mode that punishes losing troops (like delves or guild wars) then your whole event has been screwed up. It’s not comparable to say mang spawning 1 red gem to introduce a bit of RNG to the board, it’s a totally different scenario.

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By that logic, it should never give your opponents an extra turn. So the complaint is obviously for those desperate situations where you wouldn’t get an extra turn, but are hoping something good will come from the chaos from a match.

And here’s the deal, there are four possible outcomes from a create a gem (where you haven;t already earned an extra turn from a match… ps @WhiskeyJack, the gem creation comes after the spell effect, so it can’t mess up your combo): one - gem gets created somewhere uninteresting, by far the most common result; Two - the gem makes a three match (that is not a four or five match) for you and you get some free mana and perhaps luck into a four match, this is the next most common; three - the gem happens to be placed somewhere that is directly adjacent to a four match, without causing a three match, this is rare; four - the gem happens to be placed within a four match, this is also rare.

On average, the gem creation is usually useless, occasionally useful, then rarely negative and rarely positive.

Like I’ve said, it’s not great. But technically it is a statistically slightly beneficial effect. I would be happy to see anything else there, but I’m never going to lose sleep over it, because I’m not suffering from Negativity Bias.

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Am I reading this wrong? Or do you think that a combo is never interrupted by casting Doom blade?

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This is probably not the first time this has ever happened on the internet. But you are, imo, suffering from negativity bias about others negativity bias.
You dismiss our claims because we don’t remember the times the upgrade has helped. But at the same time admitting that it rarely helps. Where you error is your statistics in thinking it’s beneficial at all. The possible 3 or even 4 blue gem match pails in comparison to losing an extra turn that you should of had by having red gems and skulls lined up for it.

You’re wrong. It goes like this:
Convert X to doomskulls
Deal Y damage to all enemies
Affixes proc
Matches resolved

If, when the affixes proc, your match 4 no longer exists, you don’t get the extra turn. So your enemy gets to match all those lovely doomskulls