Doomed Blade (a bilateral issue)

@RiverSong my apologies. I don’t know how it lasted for 24 hours without anyone correcting me. :yum:
But in my example before I said blue gems when I really meant to say red gems.
I guess that’s what happens when you use Doomed Crossbow too much before complaining about Doomed Blade. Lol

Oh, good point. Forgot about that. Never mind that point.


That’s the whole point though…


Then you don’t seem to understand how the spell is used efficiently. The only time you really want to cast Doomed Blade is when the board is in a state guaranteed to give you an extra turn. Meaning the random gem can at best have no impact, by creating another source for the extra turn you are already guaranteed to get, at worst leave you stranded by removing the extra turn you were guaranteed to get.

It’s confirmation bias, which works both ways. It may make believe in something positive that isn’t really there.


I honestly don’t see any reason NOT to change it. ANYTHING that does’nt screw up alignment would be fine. Summon a peasant would be better.


According to the devs, there are players out there who like having their extra turns canceled (or who routinely cast such weapons at suboptimal times and could therefore have the random gem extend their turn), and those players would therefore be frustrated if Watery were removed. It beggars belief.

I’d like that list. They need help.

When i use a converter i expect to get what i see.
If i was using a random generator like Nysha’s Skull (not many weapon examples i can use) i accept any risks of backlash.

As many others have said it doesn’t happen frequently and the chances are low but when this happens the tide of the game turns.

When you cast you cast it on the first alignment of a 4 or 5 match you don’t wait until you find 2 or 3 alignments.
With the only 4 or 5 alignment getting broken, it leaves the board ripe of picking for doomskulls which results in multiple casualties at your end.

You may say big deal, it’s one loss but there are modes such as guild wars where 1 loss can really matter and no one should be punished like this due to some silly upgrade.


No apology necessary, @awryan. I read right over it. :smile:

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Yes I use Doomed blade and I have it at +8.

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You are completely wrong. Sorry.

Here are the actual stats:

  • Before you upgrade, the weapon has a 0% chance to screw you when used correctly.
  • After you upgrade, the weapon has a >0% chance to screw you when used correctly.
  • Going from a 0% chance to get screwed to a >0% chance to get screwed is a downgrade.

It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever how infrequent the negative event is. It was previously impossible and now it’s possible, and the game presents this to you as a good thing. That’s bad.


Devs, devs, quick, over here! Read this!! @Saltypatra

I am happy for the affix not to be changed. Someone asked to see if any such person exists. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raised_hand: :raised_back_of_hand:

I use it as a hail Mary when I don’t have a move left. There might be multiple blocks of near 3/4/5 matches on the board. Or it may just be that last kick I need to lob off the top enemy.

Strategically for the game, I think it’s great to see two different sets of Doomed Blade users

  • those with guaranteed conversions (+6)
  • those with the spice of Watery, who also get Frozen, Striking and Doomed Ice
    +10 users will be able to de-power enemies with some risk, +6 users play a different way

Can we approach Kurandara and Enraged Kurandara the same way? Put some mix into the game? Choose one and forever hold your peace. Variety is neat.

It is what it is. I am happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to let it be.
Peace y’all.