Invasion weekend: elemental


Returning Invasion Troop: Ironbark

Ironbark has returned to lead the Elementals during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get him from the Event shop during this event.

New Weapon: Arboreal Crystal

This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge.

Can’t recommend this team enough, at least so far (fast and effective):



Edit: I’ve moved Glaive to 2nd place, which feels (and fills) better. Wild Queen still fills from explosions of the other colours.

Obviously there are millions of other options. Barbarian for starting Leafstorm and Lightning Strike.

Pls fix thread title capitalisation… :crazy_face: Or you will be cursed to never find your true love unless you share this team with 10 other people :crazy_face:.


Question on the Arboreal Crystal weapon:

Why does it have the Primal tempering upgrade (destroy 3 random green gems) while the spell explodes practically all green gems on the board? It just seems quite useless to me at first sight.

I recorded it and i can confirm that the spell is executed first and then the Primal thing (which of course doesn’t do anything since all green gems are already exploded).

Only useful case i can think of is when the hero’s magic is reduced to a very small amount (also when webbed).

Edit: I confirm when webbed, it explodes 1 green gem and the Primal thing effectively destroys 3 gems after that.


reminds me of when Mountain Crusher had explode 1 brown gem as part of its affixes. it was useless then too


And the follow up question of why it can’t be changed to practically anything else.

:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:
Which is why we complain.


best event this week! so many choices.

i will go out on a limb here, best event in weeks!

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This event has good troops, so good I dare say it:

Elementaly, my dear Watson.


Now if they’d only give us a way to be an Elemental for our Hero… Three Missing Classes - Time To Find a Home! - #6 by TheIdleOne

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How do these things make it passed QA? Serious question.

This is why we complain on the forum. I have zero doubt the same 5 people will come in this thread and tell us we are looking at it all wrong and it is actually amazing.

One of them said they use the broken blade as a “Hail Mary.” Right, because when I throw a Hail Mary I want my receiver to suddenly change jerseys to the other team and start running the other way. It was the most absurd, bizarre take I have seen on here.


What are you talking about? o.O

I believe Tabu is speaking to…The weapon “upgrade” destroying green gems for a weapon that explodes green gems.

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Don’t you get 100% of mana for those, then 50% mana for the ones it explodes? I get that it’s weird to remove a few gems, then explode things. For pure mana gain (green), it is an improvement. For a board weak on green, it’s not great.

It would, but unfortunately it first explodes every green gem on the board before doing that (and it doesn’t wait for new gems dropping down so you get 0/3 green gems destroyed by the affix). Unless you have very low magic of course as explained earlier.


I always thought the way gems explode, the size of the board (64 gems), and how magic scales, incredibly dumb. We’re up to the point where we can explode more gems than would ever be on the board for that color. Explode 40 green gems? Are you serious? You know, there’s reason troops like Infernus explode a flat 5 gems, or Abysnia (sp) explodes 15 gems.

There is clearly a point at which you can’t possibly gain any more mana from increasing the amount of gems you’re exploding. I’m 100% certain you don’t gain more mana from exploding 64 gems vs, let’s say, 30 gems, because at some point gems have to overlap, or the same gems are being exploded, etc.

It’s very different from say Egg Thief which destroys, instead of explodes, the entire board of gems, which nets you 64 mana, minus skulls, spread out amongst the colors.

Partially that (how does it bypass QA), and then the rest is a response to this comment:

Edit was just to make the comment visible, rather than hidden behind the hyperlink :+1:


Oh, but that’s just us making the community toxic when CLEARLY everything is FINE and negative feedback is not warranted at all. Oh, and you can just wait to be insulted and censored for daring to have an opinion. :skull:


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was literally walking out the door from work while I was typing that. Been a long week 73 hours. Brain is mush and needs some beer.


The only way it’s a downside is “it could have something different, perhaps more beneficial.”

It makes me think of Mountain Crusher, but Mountain Crusher gets to explode one more gem. I just read that as, “If you’re webbed, there’s still some explosion effect”. Sometimes the game’s going so bad I YOLO that and it works. When it doesn’t work, I don’t get too upset because I don’t expect exploding a single gem to have a lot of impact.

This is worse. “Destroy” isn’t the same as “explode”. But if the number of gems you explode is magic-based it’s similar: the opponent can’t web away the affix. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. And sometimes that’s all you’ve got.

Would I like a better affix? Sure. But at least this one doesn’t make the weapon worse, like when the same effect is on a generator. Then those read: “Create a lot of great matches. Then ruin them.”


Hero(Stormcaller Doomed Gavel), Shahbanu Vespera, Aquaticus, Mistralus.

Maybe an obvious point, but this weapon is pretty good. Shame it has blue to overlap with Jar of Eyes, but those are some good affixes and the summon can also be handy. Def an addition to the endgame arsenal.