Doom Weapon Create a Gem

Create a gem upgrades need to be changed on the Doom weapons. During Guild Wars this week I used my Doomed Club on a green 5 match, only for it to fail because it created ONE brown gem right in the middle of it. The AI had a field day with all the free four/five doomskull matches I had left behind. What use does creating one brown gem even do? It’s a little redundant. Alternatively, match the doomskulls first and then create a brown gem, at least then I will know my five match is safe.


I totally agree, I am glad I stopped upgrading brown club before that.

I hadn’t in the past and got burned

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+1 on this one

Affix should be in favor of the user. Creating this gem can backstab you and with all the doomskulls it can cost you the whole match.


I did end up losing the guild war match. I was versing an easily beatable team but lost because of this. Rage ensued, haha.

It really should be Create a doomskull, not Create a matching color gem.


That would be SO much better!

Same goes for weapons with “destroy a gem/gems” upgrades, these upgrade are unpredictable and have potential to backfire catastrophically v.v,

Thats true, but they have also potential to give you a lovely cascade. :smiley:

Please please please fix this. Upgrade 7 on doomed club is doing my head in. If the brown gem spawns and breaks your extra turn match, it hands the enemy a board full of Doom skulls that almost always results in 2 or 3 of my troops being killed.

It’s ridiculous that this is an “upgrade”. Even more so that it can only be obtained by performing well in the tower of Doom. And there’s no way to turn it off or downgrade it :weary:

Please Devs, please @Saltypatra, please fix this :pray: . It’s been months.


Its the sole reason I don’t buy over Tier 4 (besides the red weapon). No point in upgrading the weapon to have that create a color gem ruin a doomskull alignment.

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Sure, but those that have made the upgrade are stuck with ‘6.25% chance to hand over a board of skulls to the enemy’ as an “upgrade”. It’s a bug; it needs to be fixed.


All the “Create a [Color] gem” should be changed to “Receive 2 [Color] mana” with “Receive” mimic the gain of mana points like when we match gems on the board.


I am also a victim of the “heh you cast Doomed Club because you have this beautiful skull combo? What about the brown gem is created on the combo to break it?” :angry:

Doomed weapons are one carrot so that players spend gems during Tower of Doom event.
So I don’t see why not fixing this issue with this super idea:

It should take 5 minutes to do it and Doomed Crossbow has already it…


My condolences. And agreed, very quick and easy fix. Guild Wars is already tricky enough without having to worry about your weapon backstabbing you :joy:

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I also hope that this change will happen. That downgrade is the reason I still have doomed club and blade at +6 even if I could go all the way to +10.

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This has to be the worst trait period for any kind of skull related weapon…like wat good is one color gem going to do when I’m it for skulls this needs to be changed to something else on everything it is on


Just want to bump this as it’s still an issue for doomed weapons


It’s sad really
People were complaining after the first weapon released
So what do the devs do? Remove the explode and leave the problematic convert gem
I’m scared to complain anymore, they might make all 10 levels convert gems next time Lol

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So would you recommend not to upgrade Mang above level 5?
It’s not too late for me! :smile:

For a long time I didn’t make the upgrade but in the end decided to embrace the RNG. I think of I were you I’d hold back on the upgrade and see how you find it.

Mang isn’t as bad as the doomed weapons. It’s super annoying when it sets up a good move for the AI but it tends not to be as suicidal as the doomed weapon gem spawn, because at least you aren’t being screwed out of an extra turn AND handing over a board full of doomskulls.

There have probably been marginal games in high level delves or guild events where the mang spawn has meant I’ve lost a game that I might have won. But probably the opposite too.