Weapon restrictions in Tower of Doom ruins it

The no restriction type - the people who want to be restricted can restrict themselves.

But I doubt we’ll get that.

Best thing we can hope for is that they make future generations of doomed weapons actually viable.

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So long as the player was also obliged to stick to the color restrictions, this might be a fascinating idea. It would make for a compromise between “no limits on weapons whatsoever” leading to overpowered Heroes and teams and bludgeoning team effectiveness and creativity by what we went through this past week.

But it will never happen so long as the new/current paradigm is in place, the one where we’re getting the “hard sell” on “Event Captains”.

I can’t agree with your comment of “relax and just don’t do it”. If we follow that advice, we will not finish the event, which means we won’t get the prizes, and that is also bad for guild morale.

However, your second comment “double points for ANY doomed weapon” would work for me. But the whole idea of doubling the point requirements and then conditionally doubling the scores is the problem, and that needs to go back to what it was. If the devs want to limit the choice of weapons, fair enough, but we still need to have SOME choice.

There are huge differences between bounty and tower of doom.

In bounty, you only have to carry a bad troop, and having a choice of weapons easily makes up for that. Carrying a bad weapon is much more of a handicap.

I always use a weapon (in bounty) anyway: the bounty troops are always bad at inflicting damage, so bounty would be extremely tedious if we were not allowed to use hero (albeit at the cost of a lower multiplier).

I find that Doomed Glaive (or Club) has incredibly good synergy with Crysturtle and Urska Druid, and can easily carry a bad troop as a result of this. So, I do that every time, just switching in the new event “captain”.

If we were forced to use 4 bounty troops… I wouldn’t bother at all. For exactly the same reason I gave up playing Arena. Without the hero, its just tedious. And Tower of Doom with a “bad” hero is tedious :frowning:

Sure, it means I get a bounty multiplier of x30 instead of x24. But I can live with that. I lose 20% of the available points by using hero, giving me access to his immense armoury of great weapons. That’s a very fair trade.

Compare that to Tower of Doom. I lose 50% of available points if I want my hero to use an effective weapon. And worse, I’m letting my guildmates down by doing so. If it were a solo event (like bounty or arena) I could just ignore it with no consequences for the guild. But as ToD is a guild event, I can’t.

Not really. Its still a restriction, and it seems somewhat arbitrary.

Tower of Doom already has a restriction on weapons: they must be the correct colour, which is the same restriction imposed on troops, which is logical. Adding another restriction (such as the type of weapon as well as its colour) is too restricting.


We’re currently on the 7th generation of doomed weapons. Having to make each one “better” means inevitable power creep and also restricting design options. They wouldn’t be able to make something “different” as well as making it effective for the event it is created for.

The current Invasion event is much better than last weeks Tower of Doom.

The double points apply to a troop, not a weapon. Since a “tower killer” troop is always going to be useful in invasion, we were always going to use one anyway.

However, the devs hit a problem: all kingdoms already have a tower and a boss killer, so the way to make us buy the new one is to give the “event captain” a x2 multiplier. So we are essentially back where we were: you need to play the event troop, regardless of the fact that (most of us) already have a near-identical troop in our collection.

So, we are required to use the new tower killer instead of the old one, which is no big deal at all. With the x2 magic bonus, the event captain is always going to be better than the previous tower killer for the event, and this temporary bonus means power creep doesn’t affect troop design.

Why not do the same with Tower of Doom?

Instead of forcing us to use a crappy weapon, how about a troop that does double damage against dooms?

I’d rather carry a bad troop than a bad weapon. And although a troop that can hit dooms for double damage won’t be much use on the non-boss rooms, it will be useful against the boss rooms.

I’d much rather carry a bad troop for the non-boss rooms, than carry a bad weapon for the whole event. I know I could switch weapons between rooms, but who wants to do that?

And, it means the game doesn’t need an endless supply of doomed weapons. Doomed weapons should be something special, not merely “event captains” that are usable only in the event they are created for. It means you don’t have to churn out a new crappy weapon for each Tower of Doom event.

You probably have more doomed weapons waiting to be released. I hope at least some of them are worth using. I guess you could still release them, you can offer a troop and a weapon in the same event shop. But having to create an endless supply of doomed weapons is going to mean most of them are worthless, and that devalues them all.

And I’d rather have a collection of redundant doom killing troops than a collection of redundant doomed weapons.

So, if you’re going to stick with the “x2” multiplier for Tower of Doom, can we have it on a troop instead of a weapon?

Alternately… just get rid of the x2 requirements for the rewards and let us use any weapon of the appropriate colour, as per the event requirements.


To me, this only confirms how bad the rest of the team is if adding a hero class + weapon of choice makes THAT much of a difference. (Which isn’t strictly your fault, of course, given it is the devs who decide which troops get the Bountyhunter trait to begin with.)

I can run a team of 4 Bountyhunters and generally reach reward tier 17 for free, and in most cases the enemy teams aren’t too much trouble to handle. (Heck, even just unlocking battle level 20, with a x24 multiplier, nets you reward tier 14 already)

My typical lineup
  • Crysturtle (lead)
  • Man-at-Arms (barrier)

Crysturtle synergizes straight into Man-ar-Arms, who in turn applies Barriers as much as possible, which works quite well against most enemy teams in the event.

Examples of troops I use to fill the other slots with:

  • Droggo (charm damage + synergizes with Crysturtle)
  • Rift Lynx (shuffles enemy team + pairs well with Droggo)
  • Tigraki Warrior (DPS scales by enemy Armor level)
  • Nagatrap (random Devours)
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@TonberryDoink - Stratelier has a point on Bounty. I buy tier 2 to get the new captain and level it with orbs. I use Ogress, Corpse Mare, Tigraki Warrior, and whatever bounty captain in 4th slot. I clear level 19 rewards, as long as I don’t miss any Walravens. It costs 90 gems, you get 90 gems back in rewards, so net zero cost for all the other rewards. I’m with you on the resr, though :slight_smile:

yea, this weeks event is much better than ToD in terms of scoring. Probably because a single person going SUPER far into the event scores WAY more than a couple people doing a little, so its easier for a few people to make a huge difference. It also helps that you don’t have to buy TIER FOUR in the shop for your score to really mean anything. Locking double points behind Tier 4 would ruin any of these events, but the scoring itself needs to be looked at again for ToD, my guild BARELY got the 1 shiny key, when we would normally finish that tier with a few days left, unless there wasn’t really a good team to use.


Same for my guild

I didn’t mean better than the first generation. I meant better than this one. :sweat_smile:

Of course you can’t make every weapon better but you could surely make them at least viable.

What good does a doomed weapon with a change to instakill do against a troop that is immune to lethal damage (as an example for a useless weapon)? A small change - chance to instakill the first troop (or even a random troop) would have made it much better.

Just asking usable weapons, not for making each generation stronger.