Weapon restrictions in Tower of Doom ruins it

I don’t understand how you saw our feedback to Class Trials and Bounties and doubled down on it.
Please rethink this completely unbalanced grind fest.
Revert the scoring to what it was. Remove the weapon bonus (Change it to a troop bonus if absolutely necessary). And remove weapon restrictions.

Thank you in advance.


I don’t hate it so far. I’m finding it throws an extra challenge into team-building: it’s no longer good enough to just trot out your favorite this-color attack team, now you have to either build against whatever strengths the Doomed weapon is bringing, or build a viable 3-troop team with the weapon as an inert 4th slot.

That said, we’re starting off with the best possible ToD color here: brown means that at least you can throw the weapon up top as a meat shield and keep it barriered with Rock Solid.


Personally, I’ve always maintained that a Hero should be generally subjected to the same restrictions as other Troops are…

By coincidence, Switch is also seeing a Tower of Doom this week but our color is Purple.


If the new doom weapons were at least halfway decent…

By all means, restrict us to a weapon color if you must. But to force us to have a basically useless weapon on the team sucks.

It just doesn’t enough of what it does to use it as anything but a shield.


Actually I really like the brown doomed weapon we got. And it makes sense to use it, but nobody has to. You even could build two different teams, one with the doomed weapons for boss fights and one for regular battles.

Either way it brings a fresh wind into ToD (and other events), so you don’t use the same old team over and over again for years.


I haven’t hated the other game modes with weapon restrictions. There are typically enough choices to make synergistic teams that can handle the content, just speaking for myself.

I hate the doomed weapon(s) we’re forced to use now. It costs too much for what little it does untempered, and I’m not going to temper it just for this ToD. I can think of a couple teams that would actually synergize with it, but I can also make better teams where it sits in the back as dead weight.


I’ve been using the room weapon as a fourth slot last resort, mainly. I don’t want it mana-blocking better troops, and I only tend to use it if I want to skip a turn because there’s no good moves on the board.
I don’t get why they locked us into one option. Even if it was brown doom weapons, or any doom weapons, that’d be better.
I know it’s optional, but when the scoring has been adjusted to assume players are getting double points, it punishes you for using anything else by preventing you getting reward tiers you would have got.
Just feels like bad design, from a good gameplay point of view.


If you were actually gaining a bonus by using it then it would be fine. You are not gaining a bonus because scoring has been recalculated higher. You are instead given a big penalty for not using it. I am in a guild that has discord and we communicate. The guilds that just use guild chat likely have no clue of the penalty.


This is working as intended, in order to siphon more gems from players and guilds who don’t pay enough attention to the changes that are made.


I completely missed the weapon bonus and did all my sigils (shop tiers) until a guild member pointed it out. My heart sunk. My fault, though. It’s actually a clearly legible box in the TOD main screen, unlike the rest of the UI that became unreadable.

Forced use of the new weapons makes it a little more difficult to find effective troops to get through the higher floors of the ToD, but good options can still be found. In our guild, even average players (lvl 1190-1250) successfully use builds with new weapons and have already passed more than 25 floors, so I see no reason to demand its cancellation.

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I have essentially had 3 troops in my ToD team this week, because the 4th with the weapon isn’t even worth clicking on.


This event has been exceptionally painful.


I am not even doing this Doom event.

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I have had 3 matches take 10 mins or more after my Tina got devoured right off the bat twice and died to Deathmark another. I won all 3, but had to rely exclusively on skull drops and luck to win. The AI teams this go round along with a useless weapon have been a massive dredge to get through


I just realized the Doomed Daggers are pretty much pointless at higher levels. Dooms are Invulnerable, its impossible to get that lethal chance to work.


Meh, it’s slightly harder to finish Tower floors now. At least we can max the new Doomed weapons with orbs of forging :+1:.


Dungeon i dont get a perfect i dont play. I used to play them every day.

ToD they force a crap weapon on me i dont ever cast it or upgrade it…i used to always cast my weapon.

Great game design making us NOT want to play

Doomed band is a dingleberry hangin off the end of my team n thats it. These changes making things worse. At least give us a good or interesting weapon the doomed band is boring and terrible


I won’t mind you. I just show you a screenshot of my fight on the 35th floor, room 4. I haven’t lost a single fight with this build. And it proves that the idea is not so bad, it just takes a little thought when putting together your builds, and of course having the right troops. Troop code, if you’re interested, [1522,7132,7376,7376,3057,1,2,1,3,1,3,1,14035]


Sorry if that sounds offensive:
But your screenshot shows, that it has nothing to do with team builds, cause your stats showing that you had several tier 7 bought and used 2 MD.
Maybe you don’t know awryan, but veterans like him have every troop and every weapon and enough gems to buy a lot of tiers and he knows how to build teams.
Have you ever thought about beginners or mid-level players?
They can use chalc or todd and that’s it (if they have them).
I don’t want this game to die, but all these changes are not attractive for newer players and we urgently need new paying players to keep the game alive…not more and more players leaving the game.