Forcing players to use untraited weapon for TOD is unfair, unrealistic and extremely petty

Most of the players will NOT have 55 forge scrolls or a Major Orb of Forging set aside for next TOD. Or the one after that. Or the one after that. Basing the scoring off the new weapon, which will likely NOT be fully traited, even if it is just the Doom battles, is a deliberate handicap against the players.
There are a couple ways to modify this:

  1. Make ALL doom weapons score double vs Doom fights. Keep the scoring as it is now.
  2. Reset the scoring back to the way it was and keep the x2 scoring for the new weapon (to offset the handicap).

It is the continuation and expansion of an existing pattern.
It was annoying and, to a degree, damaging in bounty and journey before. It will be annoying and, to a degree, damaging in invasion, raid and tower from now on.

Careful analyzing (a word, that gets censored in the ingame chat by the way) shows, that it is more fun for players to use new troops, or, in case of tower, weapons. “Fun” in this case means, they are spending more gems on shop tiers.


Even a fully tempered set of these Doomed Weapons are a deliberate handicap against players.

Their obsession with 18 mana for these single colored weapons make most of them unusable.

Even if they were put at a decent mana cost, most of these weapons aren’t even good in a Tower of Doom environment.

At least raid and invasion troops are relevant to their event because of their increased damage output… here, “If the enemy has a doom, gain 10 attack etc.” is basically nothing.


It also makes ToD pretty much unplayable for lower level players who relied on Mang - or they can only contribute half of what they could before to their guilds.


It blows. And its so stupid using 3 tood Greenwoods, or Chalcey. BORING. The doom weapon is useless.