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Still no alternative for doom scrolls

When does the next scam drop so I can upgrade my Doom weapons?


Earn real money - spend real money in game - ‘earn’ forge scrolls.

This is how I am reading the patch notes. Expecting more flash offers.

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It’s really a shame, they said this like or week or so before the first campaign started and instead they gave us that arena rework everyone loves so much (careful sarcasm ^^).

My main issue is, the old players have the Doomed weapons (maybe not enough scrolls to upgrade all their doomed weapons but for sure more than others) especially the six good ones.
All this refusal to do ToD more often and/or give players a reasonable way to obtain Doomed content is, it screws new(er) players.

Seriously a full weekend arena event? Please guys better do a ToD instead.

Have a pleasant day everyone :slight_smile:

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This is an important point, as is the shortfall in doomed troops that prevents Kingdom progression due to inability to ascend to mythic without using blue orbs. Of course, ascension orbs are an increasingly valuable resource now that there are 2 power orb troops to craft with surely more to come. We are well into campaign 3 and these issues remain unaddressed. On a plus side we can now obtain books of deeds from campaign but without their copilot (imperial deeds) they are practically ornamental. So many resources are needed and so few avenues are available to secure them. Being stuck in a progressive time warp is not much fun and playing mountains of arena to claw your way to deed procurement is an ineffective solution.