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Weekly Tower of Doom event


I would like to have weekly mini ToD events just like other 1 day long events where we could get the forge scrolls. Since ToD happens only in every 10 weeks it is impossible to upgrade the most powerful weapons in the game.
The event needs some adjustments to be a 1day event. Maybe 1 sigils per floor instead of battles.

Also it would be very nice if these 1 day ToD events would grant access to previously released doomed weapons for the original price. I think is totally unfair towards newer players that they do not have access to these weapons. They are very expensive to craft and very rarely are in the forge.


Yes we need a source for these scrolls (forge would be perfect and simple) but please no more additional events - especially no guild events.

For the doom weapons a better alternative for me would be to put also weapons in the daily offers.

We also need more regular doom events so we can ascend the doom troops without sacrificing blue orbs. Why they don’t just dump raid and/or invasion to facilitate this is ludicrous. The newer of the 3 events has been shelved and it’s probably the 1 we need the most.

We need to lose the 3 day arena events everybody hates and have 3 day ToD events instead.


100% agreed.

Also this

They just need to bring out a different way to get scrolls. No need for even more events.

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I would play the 1 day or 3 days long ToD event any time instead of arena.

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Agree 100%. The only saving grace for arena of valour is that it’s an event with no gem investment requirement. Yes there are miniscule rewards per unit time but very much at the expense of any fun factor. Doom I liked, it was one of those occasions when the more silent players got involved with some guild banter and teamwork. Highly missed.
I would not be surprised if arena somehow becomes monetised; potions perhaps.