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Return the usual Doom Tower frequency

Doom Tower event once in 11 weeks - its unserious. I do remember how developers promised in the beginnig of the very first campaign of Kurandara that they will invent how players would achieve forge scrolls for their doom weapons. But here we are and here we go. For me its not as critical, actually. But for players, that have started game in the middle of 2020 and later, how do they supposed to get the scrolls? 40-45 concrete type scrolls once in a ~1,5 years?

I vote for return of the doom events to its usual, monthly frequency.


Tower of doom used to be my favorite too, for being a little different and making one players efforts to affect all, it felt more like a team effort with all the skill boosts… now there are only weekend long glimpses of the other events i love too… but 7 days a week, almost every week, there is the guild game, i never liked… i’m not sad, just confused about the future :worried:


At the very least it needs to be once a month both for the sake of earning forge scrolls in a reasonable amount of time and simply to break up the monotony of the cycle of seemingly automated world events and campaigns which if I’m being honest wouldn’t be great even if someone were actually designing them.


To be honest, I do not play campaigns since Nefertary’s one. Awards are, in fact, only parameters, but its so boring to achieve that I skip it. Events are ok, sometimes em are intetesting, like when you have scull medals and no skullmakers in the kingdom))

I would like to see a weekly one day long mini tower of doom event, lets say on every Friday. The monthly frequency is also good, but still not enough. Once in every 3 months is just bad.

As it was already mentioned, the interesting part of Doom tower event is in-guild cooperation, so short one-day weekly event will be rutine thing, that made achievement of the strongest weapons too easy. Like Zuul, it shouldnt be too easy to get, but still, one event per almost 3 months is too much awkward thing.

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I either want the Doom Tower event back, or any other guild collab event. I recall Salty saying in a stream that such heavy guild collab proved unpopular though. Partypoopers. :frowning:


The normal guilds are welcome such a coop events, and they gather benefits. In fact, without good cooperation and participation it couldnt be finished any guild event. Who do not like it - well, they always can spent a wast of gems for shop purchases. Its up to you to have a boat if you want to stay afloat.

'd left unnoticed, eh. Maybe if everyone who wants it to be returned to previous frequency will write here, admins would take their attention to this request.

Tower of Doom is my favorite game mode next to Guild Wars, it is basically the only real team event in this game. I really miss it.


Even if it wasn’t once a month specifically… They could maybe just replace one of the world events in the 10 week cycle with a ToD event. That would be less often than before but twice as often as now. I would love that.

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They could just replace GW with ToD.

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I would rather see GW get fixed, specifically with the bracket system and dead guilds. But if I had to chose, ToD > GW.

But, enough people like GW so really, we should have both.

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GW is GW, its interesting and irreplaceable thing. In fact, powerful guns we improve in ToD events are widely used in GW.

The weakness of GW is its somewhat cumulative structure. Maybe the problem could be solved if GW rating would be based on scores of last 6-12 months. It’ll immideately throw off dead or weak guilds that occupy high places in rating.

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I think they did it like that because people here have complained there’s too much to do. Personally I say just throw it in more frequently. If you have time to play then play. If not then don’t. It’s a free country. You don’t have to play if you choose not to.


Yes! PLEASE replace GW with ToD! Or have them switch places. GW once every 10 weeks and ToD once a month.


My feedback would be to add an intermission week halfway through each campaign and insert another ToD event there. That would make ToD happen once every 6 weeks instead of 11. That would also give everyone a break from the campaign monotony. Those intermissions in the middle of and between campaigns could then be paired with new faction release weekends that are a time intensive individual effort. That would allow the remaining new faction releases to be spread out a little more, and help somewhat avoid the overload periods with too many big events running at once (which most people seem to dislike).

PS - Don’t mess with GW aside from fixing the bracket progression issues.


More opinions on this subject are welcome :slight_smile:

Switch GW with Tower of Doom!!!

I’m too lazy to go and do the digging, and not entirely sure how I’d going about it, but perhaps someone could answer this question:

When will we reach a point where kingdom progression (power stars) will be blocked by an inability to fully upgrade a Tower of Doom weapon that isn’t already maxxed out?

And this assuming we aren’t already in that spot and I haven’t noticed because the Doom weapon(s) in question are already fully upgraded on my end?

Because it seems to me that this scenario would be the tipping point to look for to prod a change in policy (or action) from the developers. That either they’ll be obliged to release additional weapons of another sort to get around that roadblock, whether completely new or allowing us to purchase some of the premium weapons through “normal” in-game currency. Or that they’ll have to give us a way to farm/craft Doom Forge scrolls to get ahead that way.

Because if the alternative is the developers leaving us roadblocked through an inability to get our hands on particular resources in any way, shape, form, or fashion? I think that’s a point where there’d be an acceleration of players leaving the game for an inability to progress further.